10 criteria to teach you to choose a formal beauty salon

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What is a formal beauty salon? What are the standards of a formal beauty salon? See below:


1, look at the license: the formal beauty salon license is complete, and the original business license is hung in the obvious place of the business site, the brand plaque is standardized and legal, and the service mark is set up in line with the requirements of city appearance.


2, look at the charging standards: formal beauty salons will express business hours, service items, charging standards and matters needing attention and other content, the charge should be strictly implemented according to the public charging standards, publicity and objective to express service items and information to consumers.


3, look at the scope of business: beauty salon is the use of professional techniques, equipment, equipment, supplies, appliances and other means, and with the help of beauty care, skin aging, body shaping, nail makeup and other products, to provide consumers with beauty care, body shaping, cosmetic, etc.. At present, general beauty shops are not allowed to do traumatic cosmetic surgery.


beauty salon


4, look at the health: formal beauty salons have qualified disinfection equipment, and equipped with special management. Beauty equipment and instruments are regularly disinfected and kept clean to prevent cross infection. Staff should wear clean work clothes when operating, hands must be cleaned and disinfected before beauty, face cleaning should wear a mask.


5, look at the equipment: beauty equipment and facilities are complete, with equipment and facilities to match the public service items, all instruments and equipment should meet the national health and product quality standards.


6, look at the product: beauty institutes use beauty skin care products should meet the requirements of “cosmetic hygiene Standards”. The use of beauty and skin care products should meet the requirements, should not use expired products. The content of cosmetics label should be clear, should ensure that consumers in the purchase of eye-catching, easy to identify and read.


7, look at the staff: the beauty service staff is healthy, and regular health examination, personal hygiene in line with professional service requirements, and hold a health certificate to work. The configuration of service personnel of each kind of work should be adapted to the business project. Be familiar with the service project, service process, quality standard, position responsibility and specification requirements of the position.


Medical beauty technicians have national professional qualifications, master the basic knowledge of skin structure, skin type, head bones, muscle composition, body meridians and acupoints and a variety of massage techniques. Can judge various skin types, and make a reasonable skin care plan according to the judgment results. Can independently carry out nursing beauty, cosmetic beauty, health beauty, body-shaping beauty and other operations. Master the basic makeup skills of life makeup and professional makeup. Master the ingredients, properties, characteristics and application methods of various skin care products used by the company; Can choose suitable skin care products according to different skin characteristics. Be able to use equipment, supplies and utensils correctly, and master their maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection methods. Master the dosage and operation methods of boiling disinfection, baking disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and alcohol disinfection.


8, look at the safety facilities: the public area of the beauty salon should be equipped with a special CLOSED-circuit TELEVISION monitoring system to ensure the safety of consumers and employees. Provide safe and reliable personal property storage facilities for consumers when consuming. And can guarantee not to divulge the personal information that the consumer registers.


9, look at the service: the formal beauty salon staff is decent, smiling, soft-spoken, and will listen to the customer’s questions, will introduce the service items to the customer objectively in advance, including the quality and price of the cosmetic products used, after the customer agreed to confirm the operation. And will respect customers’ personal consumption will, integrity and good quality as the first criterion of service. In addition, a consumer return visit system will be established to track beauty quality. If beauty quality problems occur, beauty salons will assume corresponding responsibility to consumers.


10, look at the environment: formal beauty salon environment should be clean, bright, comfortable. The light is moderate, the air is smooth, the building is strong and safe. The interior decoration shall meet the relevant requirements of national environmental protection. The safety protection device of the power system is intact and effective. Fire safety facilities and equipment shall be equipped according to regulations.

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