A letter to all new hairdressers, if you are just entering the hairdressing industry, we suggest you take a look

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A letter to all new hairdressers


In this hairdressing classroom app and in reality, I have seen many novices and trainee stylists who have just picked up scissors, are obsessed with discussing one hairdressing question over and over again.


1, I am a novice how to learn?


2, I am a novice what to learn?


3, I am good to stay in a small store, or go to a large store?


4, I do not understand the industry at all, I go to the store to find a master or go to the training school to learn from scratch


5, I have been in xxx store for a few years, I feel that nothing will, should I go to school to learn


6, I feel that I know a little bit of everything, but nothing is very clear, I am very confused, should I continue to do this industry


7, I am a trainee hairstylist is too tired, feel that they will do everything, but can not earn money, but also do not do anything well, what should I do in the end?




In summary, all the above-mentioned problems, seemingly chaotic, in fact, are only discussing a problem “what should I do now?”


Frankly speaking, any newcomer to the industry is most likely to be confused, otherwise it would not be called a novice


People engaged in the hairdressing industry, I dare not say all, but more than 80% are junior high school graduates, or did not graduate from junior high school, or even elementary school graduates, in the nine years of compulsory education in the limited degree of learning, accept the limited cultural knowledge, so that the owner of the store with apprentices, will only let the apprentice see, and then let the apprentice imitate his look to do, do not do well, the boss psychological understanding, but can not say a reason only to say “This place is broken, not said before this place to xx so engaged” novice also listen to a face, because the novice does not know the purpose of doing so, the novice can follow the gourd drawing, but a problem, they are also a question, and then learn no goal, and do not know what they should do?


There are some bosses, not even to teach apprentices, apprentices want to learn, but they do not teach (this person my personal concept, not worthy of a teacher! With the apprentice should, teach by example, physically, do their best, since the teacher, you have to be a teacher, teaching and solving problems, reason should be)


All kinds of situations, just into the industry of newcomers, hesitant, confused, with a low salary, looking at tomorrow, living the walking dead today, and can not return to regret yesterday. Then we look at the essence of things through the phenomenon, newcomers want to become a qualified hairstylist, what in the end need to do?


Newcomers need the most when the goal, know what they do, rather than the daily busy do not know why practice. Practice? What do I practice today? Why do I need to practice this? Do I need to practice this? How long do I have to practice every day? How long do I have to practice until I die to become a master? Know that you need to practice hard to learn, but this effort, the meaning is too big, we might as well narrow it down a little


For example: how small is it, small to the point that today you practice holding scissors, today you only hold scissors, I know how to hold scissors, why do you want to hold them this way, what are the benefits of holding them this way, to narrow your efforts to this point.


In this fast-paced era, online teaching as much as possible, online lecturers are also as much as possible, training institutions everywhere, Jitterbug, Racer all kinds of ten seconds teaching videos are popping up, what fifteen seconds to teach you to cut hair, twenty seconds to take you to play with color, 7 days zero basis up hairstylist to open a store, and so on and so much, there are too many such videos, so much that you look every day, live in this fast-paced era, you can not even quietly read an article you can do.


Undeniably, the network is developed, now learning more convenient than before, before learning may take four years five years six years, now developed can be more rapid point, which also allows more newcomers, such as 95 after 00 after 15, look confused, completely clouded, do not know which useful to see, but which look useful. What you need is a quiet moment to look at yourself!


As far as I am concerned, a real hairstylist, means, from the beginning to the division, after the division can open a good store, not to say that the first store they opened can make very much money, but to ensure that their own store, under the pressure of the current social environment, under the peer competition, to ensure that their store can open a long time, this is called a real hairstylist, a qualified craftsman, I do not say how awesome, say what their hair must be cut thousands of thousands of dollars, not necessarily their own haircut, is the art, we just need to earn money to live, that is the successful craftsman!


What is the first step to make money? Observe whether the industry to make money? Or to observe the size of peer competition pressure? Neither, we want to learn a craft, the first is to learn to see themselves clearly, see themselves clearly, in order to see others clearly.


So what exactly do newcomers do? Very simple, you just need to give yourself a very, very, very clear and feasible goals, and to subdivide this goal, systematization. For example: you are completely new to the industry, you need to give yourself a goal, a clear and feasible goal, for example, 2 months to master wash hair blowing, this is a clear goal, and then subdivided, the first month master wash hair, how to wash well, how to scratch the hair, how to let the guests wash comfortable, the second month, master how to blow the wind, how to blow dry hair gently and quickly, how to blow straight, how to blow curls, so Subdivision, give yourself a target time, in this time period, each day to live a meaningful and fulfilling, that’s it. Don’t learn from the east, look at the west, be systematic and complete.

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