Go to “beauty parlor” do skin maintain can you have really “effect”? The industry experts told the truth!

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Today we will look at those things about beauty care, everyone wants to be beautiful and attractive, many people will choose to go to a beauty salon for skin care, but is it really effective? For this Nikisho consulted the proprietor’s wife that manages beauty parlour for many years specially, beautiful proprietor’s wife said such answer, share to everybody!


Beauty &skin care


Beauty and skin care is really a gradual thing, maintenance is the old, not maintenance is the old truth we all know. Women maintenance must be early, a person’s beauty and temperament are reflect upon your own, when you really changed, you will find that life is just like the plugins, beauty salon do skin care focus on management, whether in equipment, personnel, technology, products on the understanding, can help consumers correctly understand skin problems, to solve some small problems on the surface of the skin


beauty parlor


Beauty Salon Benefits


Beautician methods are very important to provide pure physical skin care, do beauty, a little snack, remember her technique, return can massage, some beautician speak a lot of attention to maintain the skin’s method, some practical, beauty salon little sister will be keen to sell a secret to protect skin to taste, an unknown source of treatments, these are the lion’s share of the profit source beauty salon


Disadvantages of beauty salons


Interests, driven by a lot of beauty parlour to open marketing products not only sell products, a lot of skin care products should be not good, beauty salon love selling all kinds of products, always like to the customers forced to corneous layer in order to reflect the effect that protect skin, if long time go too frequently, easy to cause the stratum corneum, fragile Yi Guangmin, after stop can be restored to health condition, Beautician often because of some of their habits to give you beauty, for example, your eyebrows trim thin, you should prohibit her to save too hard in advance, beautician also take into account, you do a variety of cosmetic surgery, such as eyebrow, lip, and so on, will keep selling beauty needle


Their skin care


Many consumer-oriented skin care products are no worse than beauty salons. If you know the basic skin care skills of beauty salons and work hard to protect skin at home, you can also achieve beautiful appearance. However, SPA massage is still more appropriate to go to beauty salons, and it is very enjoyable to have a regular SPA


Cosmetic effect


Each person is different, when you go to beauty effect of feedback is not the same time, also is needs to insist on, the formal beauty salon, of course, is certainly will work, after all the maintenance combined with science and technology will get twice the result with half the effort, but there are some bad traps merchants sell 3 without the product, not only didn’t effect may also damage the skin, causing a pyrrhic victory


Finally, the effect of beauty salon is some, now there are too many kinds of beauty instruments and skin care products, love of beauty heart of all people, there is an economic basis or can be appropriate to maintain, according to their own actual situation to choose, I hope that everyone can be beautiful!


How do people become beautiful? Welcome everyone to communicate and discuss together, thank you for reading, every time you read, like or forward, is the biggest support for Nikisho, also please keep paying attention to me oh!

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