How do beauty salons do a good job in weight loss projects?

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Most beauty salons have weight loss projects, but more beauty salons do not operate weight loss as the main project of the store. Only as a customer receiving project, after customers enter the store, they rely on other projects to lock customers and stay customers. Here, I also comb the weight loss project of the beauty salon. If the weight loss project wants to be successful, several key points must be done well.


1,To lose weight, what customers want to see most is the effect, so we should find ways to do more cases. The more cases, the higher the customer’s trust.


2,The staff in the store must be thin. If you are fat, give employees weight loss. Take the comparison photos before and after as a case, and let employees tell customers on site.


3,Don’t sell a single course of treatment for weight loss. You must sell more than two courses of treatment. Customers can buy a course of treatment at the beginning. But you should pave the way for more than two courses of treatment from the beginning. The first course of treatment is weight loss, the second course is stable, and so on.


4,Weight loss and body carving are combined with fat management. A simple weight loss course can’t sell the price, but body carving and fat management help you manage your body and help lock high-end customers in the store.


5,Never promise the weight of the instrument. The instrument is used to tighten the skin and change the fat arrangement. No matter what the instrument manufacturer says, the instrument can reduce weight. The store should use the instrument to thin the size, create local slimming effect and carve the body.


6,Weight loss should pave a concept for customers from the beginning of reception. Weight loss is to turn a big apple into a small cherry. If you want to become an s figure, you should do body carving. Whether customers accept it or not, they have to pave the way. Because only foreshadowing, when customers lose weight successfully, it will cause customers to yearn for a good figure, so as to sign body carving or fat management.


7,Weight loss is the foundation, body carving is to build, and fat management is to maintain. In other words, when customers come to the door to lose weight, they lose weight. If you want to have a graceful figure, you should do body sculpture and experience it through size. Finally, if you want to keep, choose fat management.


weight loss projects


8,Weight loss is very good, because the crowd is huge. The reason why beauty salons don’t do well in weight loss is that they don’t do well in weight loss projects. Just as a customer to lose weight.


Weight loss promotion plan


1,Although the leaflet publicity method is ancient, the effect is good


When promoting weight loss programs to customers, beauty salons often choose to use the way of distributing leaflets along the street. Such publicity needs to pay attention to these skills and find corresponding customers, such as those who pay attention to appearance and women who need to be modified. Of course, if the beauty salon also receives male customers, you might as well try to start with male customers who need to improve their figure and promise that they will have a better figure.


2,Posters play the role of display and are easier to impress customers


Each activity needs to have good publicity slogans and publicity display diagrams, and posters of the weight loss project in autumn and winter, which need to show the activities, time, preferential policies and other contents of the weight loss project in the beauty salon in detail. If there is enough space, you can also write the profile of professional weight loss beauticians in the beauty salon. It is easier to impress customers and let customers feel their professionalism and authority by using real people and facts to publicize to customers.


3,When doing publicity, we must talk about the core content


The weight loss items recommended to customers must have good results. There are no side effects. For example, some beauty salons sell diet pills, claiming that these diet pills can lose a few kilograms a month and will never rebound. Such propaganda is the core selling point of beauty salons. When customers see the words “never rebound”, they are deeply attracted, so they go into the beauty salon for consultation.


4,Beauty lectures can not only help customers popularize knowledge, but also improve the reputation of beauty salons


Hold lectures on weight loss salon activities in the beauty salon to tell customers about weight loss knowledge. Then introduce the weight loss products and projects of beauty salons in autumn and winter to customers. In addition, a small sample of weight loss products carefully prepared by the beauty salon is presented to the customers present, so that the customers can feel the effect of weight loss products of the beauty salon.


5,Seize people’s consumption ability and engage in some activities of giving small gifts


Beauty salon franchise stores can publicize weight loss projects in combination with beauty salon weight loss activities. As long as the customers who come to the beauty salon to consume during the activity, the fat rate in the body exceeds the standard, or the customers who locally exceed the standard, they can enjoy the experience of the weight loss project of the beauty salon for free. The activity is not only for women, but also warmly welcomes male compatriots in beauty salons.

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