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Plastic beauty consultant is a profession. The rapid development of beauty and plastic surgery provides an unprecedented opportunity for the beauty and plastic industry. In particular, the rise of private beauty medical institutions has broken the monopoly of state-owned beauty medical institutions, enriched the beauty medical market and provided more choice opportunities for the majority of beauty seekers. The prospect of the future plastic surgery market is still promising. On the one hand, the slight economic shock, the strict management of the government and the natural law of market competition will accelerate the industry reshuffle.


Such adjustment will promote the industry to mature and stable. On the other hand, with the intensification of social competition, the transformation of values and the acceleration of the pace of life, it is gradually accepted and popularized by more people, showing the characteristics of young age, male participation, comprehensive plastic surgery, multiple plastic surgery and so on. The plastic surgery service for beauty seekers in the plastic surgery industry has gone through the personal diagnosis of doctors, assistant diagnosis to the post of plastic surgery consultant and other functional segmentation of the industry. With the gradual improvement of the national medical system, the development of the plastic surgery industry has gradually stepped into maturity.


Industry positioning


The post requirements of plastic and cosmetic consultant must be familiar with the applicable symptoms of plastic surgery, non-invasive injection plastic surgery, skin laser beauty, oral hair transplantation and other operations, and have basic theoretical knowledge of the hospital plastic surgeon’s operation process and postoperative nursing, and have systematically studied beauty psychology, plastic and cosmetic science and aesthetic basis. The development of plastic and cosmetic industry determines that plastic and cosmetic consultants must have both ability and political integrity.


The consulting services of plastic consultants run through the whole plastic surgery process, including telephone consultation, face-to-face consultation, surgical process consultation, postoperative consultation, etc. in the surgical process consultation, the consultant acts as an intermediary for beauty seekers to communicate with doctors and even experts. Consultation itself is an indirect marketing process, which uses the method not to make it disgusted by the beauty seeker’s inner thoughts. In the whole consultation process, plastic consultants should take a responsible attitude towards beauty seekers and ensure the accuracy of the information provided, which is also a necessary condition to prevent disputes“ As the key for beauty seekers to open the door of beauty, plastic consultants should not only have rich professional knowledge, but also have good professional ethics and a highly responsible attitude, so that beauty seekers can really enjoy satisfactory services.


Industry division


Plastic hospital consultants are divided into three types according to their functions: on-site consultants, network consultants and telephone consultants.


Telephone Consultant: the telephone consultant communicates with beauty seeking customers by telephone, communicates and understands their needs, introduces the plastic surgery requirements and details considered by beauty seeking people, and achieves the first step of door-to-door consultation for beauty seeking people.


Network consultant: network consultant is similar to telephone consultant. It communicates with customers seeking beauty through various network platforms to facilitate further door-to-door consultation.


Plastic beauty consultant


Field Consultant


Post functions of on-site Consultant:


1,Be the first to contact the guests and understand their needs.


2,Introduce the beauty treatment knowledge, methods and curative effects they need. Help the guest determine her / his diagnosis and treatment direction.


3,Introduce the relevant experts in the unit to the guests and lead the guests to meet the experts.


4,Help the communication between guests and experts, provide them with service and complete the required treatment.


5,Follow up the guests after treatment, make an objective evaluation of our work, track and feed back the postoperative surgical effect of the guests, and register in detail.


Quality and training


Professional quality requirements for consultants:


1,High professional quality of public relations, high communication skills and good professional image.


2,Have a deep understanding of relevant medical knowledge in the beauty industry, whether non-surgical or surgical. Can make a simple introduction.


3,Have a broad understanding of the characteristics of doctors and experts in the industry.


4,Be able to provide warm and thoughtful service to guests.


Therefore, the existing consultants are also required to:


First, pay attention to their professional appearance and pay attention to the training and improvement of public relations quality. For newly hired consultants, their public relations quality and training level should be assessed to ensure the quality of work.


The second is to understand the relevant treatment concepts and methods accurately and correctly treat the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment methods. Therefore, we must also strengthen the study of professional knowledge, which is an important topic for each medical beauty unit to improve the service level.


Third, we should have a fair heart, be objective and fair in our work, and have a high professional ethics.


Fourth, the concept of whole process service is required. The whole process service is from beginning to end. We should be conscientious, responsible and enthusiastic to the guest from the beginning of his consultation to the follow-up after his treatment. Only in this way can we get high praise from guests and establish a good reputation and reputation for the unit.


Industry training


1,Characteristics and implementation of marketing strategy in medical beauty industry


2,Evaluation of the quality of excellent Consultants


3,Training of excellent consultants’ overall planning ability


4,Relationship marketing strategy of excellent Consultants


5,Characteristics and skills of telephone, network and on-site consultation


6,Diagnosis and Countermeasures of consulting post fatigue syndrome

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