Plastic surgery should not be cheap,the actual insider of the industry is revealed

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As a result of previous work, will contact a lot of plastic surgery hospitals, may be more than the circle of people outside the understanding of some insider, today to share with you to avoid stepping on the pit in the future.


The actual fact is that you will need to remember a principle: not to be cheap! Although the expensive is not necessarily good, but the cheap inside the probability of pits.


Incident 1: Doctor and medical assistant, civet for prince


First of all, let me tell you a story that happened in recent times. The cause of the incident is that I have a friend who wants to do liposuction + facial filler, but the budget is not high, and finally, because of the price issue, PASSed several hospitals specializing in fat, and went to the xx hospital in Beijing.


During the online consultation, Dr. A was mentioned, but after arriving at the site, the consultant recommended Dr. B. In fact, Dr. B’s introduction looked quite good. In fact, Dr. B’s presentation seemed quite professional, so I decided to have the surgery at his home. As a result, when the surgery was scheduled for the next day, Dr. B did not show up at all, but a medical assistant C was preparing for the surgery. Under the strong dissatisfaction of my friend, Dr. B arrived 2 hours later than the expected operation time, and the operation was done “smoothly”.


But you think this is the end of it? The most devastating thing is that when the doctor was checking in, it was the medical assistant C who was checking in, and my friend found out that he was the one who did the surgery. I didn’t expect the doctor to be replaced by a crocodile.


I believe that most hospitals and doctors have medical ethics, but this is by no means an isolated case. The heart of surgery is the doctor, not the price. Avoid such things, don’t PASS some conscientious hospitals based on price, choose a hospital with good reputation.


plastic surgery hospitals


Incident 2: cottage ultrasound lift, 400 yuan rent a day


Initial contact with medical beauty white, will only think that the Korean version of ultrasound lifting is not as good as the U.S. version of ultrasound lifting, too naive! The Korean version is no longer as good as the American version, but it is also effective. There is a third kind of ultrasound lift, which is a cottage from Guangzhou, the factory price of just a few tens of thousands of dollars, the hospital rental, as long as 400 yuan a day.


How is this cottage goods made? The shell is a recycled shell of the genuine ultrasound lift, but the inside is completely different, even if the medical aesthetic practitioners are difficult to identify the authenticity, unless the machine is disassembled to see the chip. Of course, because of the lack of energy rarely hit the accident, at best, no effect, the money spent in vain.


The instrument wants to avoid the pit is more difficult to some, can only say that we try to choose to meet the market price of ultrasound upgrade, more to see, more questions, many aspects of evidence.


Event 3:Never assume that fake needles only exist in the news


I have written an article before, there is a place called “Mibohui” in the south of Beijing, on the surface is selling some beauty-related supplies, but in fact also engaged in a lot of fake needle trade. You think it’s far away, but it’s probably right next to you.


Most genuine injections have a traceability code on the box, so be sure to scan the code to check the goods before you inject them. I usually watch the nurse unpacking to avoid being switched.


The above is what I know inside the industry, will also be breaking news from time to time ~

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