The third-rate hospital vs plastic surgery hospital medical cosmetology which one you pick?

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Medical cosmetology refers to the use of drugs, surgery, medical devices and other invasive or irreversible medical technology to repair and reshape the human appearance and the shape of various parts of the human body. Medical aesthetic technology is an emerging medical technology specialty that uses surgical and non-surgical medical methods to directly maintain, repair and reshape the beauty of the human body with the aim of enhancing the vitality of human life, guided by the theory of human form and beauty.


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing demand for health care, the medical plastic surgery industry has also been developing, and more and more people are accepting and performing a variety of medical cosmetic surgery. So, how should you choose between a tertiary hospital plastic surgery department and a private plastic surgery hospital for medical aesthetics?


First of all, it should be clear that “medical aesthetics” is an invasive treatment, which is a medical practice and can only be carried out in a medical institution approved by the health administration. Therefore, medical beauty is a serious surgery, different from the daily skin beauty care, must choose a qualified, regular plastic surgery institutions for medical beauty, in order to ensure safety.


Medical Cosmetology


The public tertiary hospitals have advanced technology and equipment, most doctors have many years of clinical experience, and the fees will be in accordance with the national unified standard. Compared to private beauty hospitals, the advantages of the plastic surgery department of tertiary hospitals can be summarized as the following, which can also be used as a reference for how to choose a medical beauty hospital.


First, professional talents. Public hospitals have many professional talents, a relatively strong team of experts, experienced in medical treatment; once something happens, you can urgently mobilize the whole hospital to assist the doctors, the backup force is sufficient.


Second, the equipment resources. As a comprehensive tertiary hospital, medical equipment will be more advanced, the speed of equipment replacement is also faster, the strength of resources is stronger.


Third, comprehensive reputation. As a public general hospital, it will have a better reputation and better medical qualifications than private hospitals.


Overall, as an invasive treatment, whether it is a public or private hospital, the focus still needs to be on choosing a qualified medical institution that has passed the relevant departmental approval to carry out. Beauty is not a crime, safety is paramount.

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