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To keen plastic MM, the choice of the hospital is the first step to ensure plastic effect. In pursuit of the best results, many beauty seekers travel to countries such as Japan and South Korea for plastic surgery. Do you know the four most famous plastic surgery resorts in the world?


Beverly Hills


American Beverly Hills is not only the generation of wealth and fame and representation, it is Hollywood stars flock to the cosmetic heaven. Surrounded by the world’s biggest celebrities, its plastic surgeons are worth tens of millions of dollars. Especially in the month before the Oscars, stars are vying to spend as much as $200,000 on a quick ‘makeover’ of their bodies and looks. If you don’t mind the price, the science and care will make you feel like a superstar.


Advantages: professional, plastic surgeon experience, can enjoy the scientific and meticulous care.


Disadvantages: plastic surgery is expensive, the average person can not afford


Korean Plastic surgery Street


Even if you don’t have the slightest desire for plastic surgery, you have never heard of the name of “plastic surgery Street” in South Korea. More than 200 plastic surgery clinics and hospitals line the streets of Apgujeong-dong, and some buildings have several clinics. Famous beauty magazines in South Korea are devoted to hospitals and doctors in Apgujeong-dong. Every Seoul resident who comes to the plastic surgery Street carefully studies which hospital performs the best surgery, which doctor is the most famous, and what kind of surgery method is the most advanced. Since many Korean women have single eyelids, double eyelid surgery is the most popular procedure and the cheapest.


Advantages: plastic surgery project is complete, plastic surgery hospitals are various, relatively large selectivity.


Disadvantage: The Korean plastic surgeon’s professional requirements are relatively low, if the quack consequences unimaginable.


plastic surgery hospital


HaleClinic Plastic Surgery Center, UK


HaleClinic, located near Regent’s Park, was founded in 1987 and became affiliated with the Prince of Wales in 1988. It is the largest cosmetic surgery centre in Europe. With over 100 therapists, you can not only have a short holiday in one of the best resorts in Europe, And you can also come to this feeling as many as seventy-five breathtaking orthodox medicine, alternative auxiliary therapy and treatment of all kinds of new concept, such as aromatherapy, colour therapy, hypnosis, countries around the Indian Ayurveda, massage technique, experience the nutrition, psychological treatment, with the pressure and beauty project such as face-lifts, which is not bleeding and rejuvenation, The results are tantalizing.


Advantages: good results after plastic surgery, and can enjoy a variety of nutrition, psychological and stress treatment


Disadvantages: There are few plastic surgery programs, and the area is known for its health care.


Minimally invasive plastic surgery in China


With the continuous refinement of minimally invasive plastic surgery technology in China, minimally invasive plastic surgery in China has attracted many Stars from Korea and Japan. At present, domestic minimally invasive plastic surgery technology has been relatively mature, by many white-collar workers and stars love. Many beauty seekers no longer blindly want to go to South Korea plastic surgery, and began to be more interested in domestic plastic surgery, mainly because the cost of minimally invasive plastic surgery is much lower than that of foreign countries, and the equipment and technology of plastic surgery institutions are not inferior to foreign plastic mecca. Plastic experts will choose their own minimally invasive plastic surgery according to the age, posture, temperament and other characteristics of the beauty.


Advantages: moderate cost, exquisite technology, advanced equipment, small side effects.


Disadvantages: plastic institutions, the good and bad need to choose a formal plastic beauty institutions.

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