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Tight perfect little V face but you beautiful girls love, it not only has a good aging effect, but also can make you girls look thinner and more slender. However, the v-face is not an easy thing to build. Because the face is a very difficult part to move. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Today, Nikisho is going to share with you some quick ways to thin the face, teach you how to skillfully faster and more effective, I believe you must have moved? ! Follow me to find out.


Causes of fat face:


1,Facial Bones: If you’ve been born with a big face and big bones, it’s unlikely you’ll be a pretty face, no matter how thin you are.


2,Muscles: Your facial masseter muscles are strong, which are a big factor in your fat face.


3,Fat: The body fat can not only reflect in your waist and limbs, the face is also a more obvious place to show fat. As a result of facial adipose is excessive, and at ordinary times very little exercise, very easy to become chubby puffy apple face!


4,edema: facial edema of the multiple period is every month menstruation before the tide of 2 days. During this period, due to abnormally high estrogen levels in the body, the lymphatic system will appear functional dysfunction, water and thin face needle will appear to discharge the symptoms of difficulty, causing your blood vessels to dilate, so that water seepage from the blood vessels and retention in the tissue.


face slimming technique


Thin face movement


Thin face action 1: swallow tongue + massage neck


Adapt to a crowd: this movement can be the small movement that formulates specially to double chin even the girls of 3 layers of chin, chin flesh is actually mostly because lymphatic discharge poison is not enough smooth and those who bring about is bloated or thin face needle, rubbish accumulation and form, they are not completely adipose from strict meaning. So these two movements not only have the effect of tightening the skin, but also to accelerate your body’s blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, so that you do not have to rebound the phenomenon of the double chin.


Throughput tongue + massage neck action essentials: first of all, you slowly to look up into the sky, and then open your mouth and your tongue spit it out, take back your tongue after 10 seconds and then slowly lower the head to close your eyes, this action can degree movement to the organization of the jaw, can also help your face muscles to put out your tongue, you insist to do 20 times a day or so is preferred;


In addition, learn to massage the neck from the bottom to the top, along the direction of the neck, squeeze your meat up, slowly shuping. This will not only lift your neck, but also effectively stimulate the lymphatic system, accelerate the body’s metabolism and detoxification.


Face slimming action 2: Spell English + contour massage


Adapt to the crowd: some girls face disease is not mainly concentrated in the lower part, but mainly concentrated in the zygomatic and even temple above the part. The person that the meaty face of high position can appear you is more swollen, and because of sebum these parts of cheekbone, forehead are very few originally, so movement rises relatively more troublesome also. Therefore, it is necessary to use the appropriate method to gradually exercise your face muscles, in order to gradually improve the problem of flatface, and successfully create a tight and perfect, amazing super palm face.


Materials: Astragalus membranaceus, red dates




1,Red dates with warm water after hair washing, to remove the core (do not remove the core will be some hot, if the constitution is cold can also not to remove the core);


2,Astragalus membranaceus and jujube soaked in water for 20-30 minutes (normal decocting of traditional Chinese medicine needs to soak the herbs for 20-30 minutes, in order to facilitate the precipitation of drug);


3,Ignition, boil after turning down the heat for 20 minutes (do not use the induction cooker, to use the open fire);


4,If you like a little sweet, you can add some honey, so that the weight loss effect is better;


5,Three cups a week for a month to see results.

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