Virtual meetings during pandemic increased demand for plastic surgery procedures

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It started with the eyes you could see above the masks. Then, as more of us have continued virtual meetings, the demand for improving what we see on screens has continued to grow.


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found 1 in 10 women surveyed during the pandemic indicated they are more interested in cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures now than before COVID-19. The figure is even higher among women who have already had surgery or a procedure: 1 in 4.


Botox and fillers top the list of non-surgical procedures. Others also grew considerably, according to those performing these procedures. PDO threading became a popular one.


Santrina Fletcher is a nurse practitioner at DermaLounge. She invited Local 12 to follow the results of her patient, Lindsey Harper. Harper had these surgical-like threads placed under her forehead skin to act as a scaffolding.




This week, we got the results, which take at least eight weeks to show up.


“Actually, her results are amazing. Her eyes are actually even now and her whole lip has lifted, so she can put makeup easier,” said Fletcher.


Cosmetic surgeries also shifted in this past pandemic year due to our weight. Nose and eyelids and facelifts still topped the list, but liposuction and breast reductions or enlargements were next:


The top five cosmetic surgical procedures:


Nose reshaping (352,555 procedures)


Eyelid surgery (352,112 procedures)


Facelift (234,374 procedures)


Liposuction (211,067 procedures)


Breast augmentation (193,073 procedures)


The trends so far for 2021, according to the ASPS, are staying about the same.

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