Will orthodontics be the next plastic surgery outlet?

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The orthodontic market is ushering in a period of rapid development with the improvement of people’s attention to dental beauty. For a long time, dental cosmetology and related orthodontics have been regarded as a middle-class lifestyle because of the high price. However, with the increase of income and the popularization of oral health knowledge, people’s acceptance of dental beauty is improving, and the dental beauty industry has maintained a growth trend in recent years.


Orthodontics are becoming more and more common


Secondly, the increase of home office makes people pay more attention to the maintenance of their own facial image. From eye makeup, hair style, base makeup to lipstick, people try their best to look perfect enough in the camera. As an important role in smiling and talking, teeth have also become one of the carriers of self-confidence and personal state under people’s gaze.


Therefore, with the growth of market demand, orthodontics and related dental beauty business have also been pushed into a faster development track.


From DIY orthodontic tools directly facing consumers, to lingual braces, and then to professional orthodontics, the growth of consumer demand is promoting the prosperity of the orthodontic market.


Dr. Brian Kantor, cosmetic dentist of lowenberg, lituchy & Kantor, said: “we found that all cosmetic dental projects are developing rapidly, especially orthodontics. The main reason is that people are in the zoom video conference. Because the focus of their eyes can only focus on the face, they will be anxious about the regularity or cleanliness of their teeth. ”


Whether the teeth are clean and tidy or not has a great impact on a person’s temperament


According to the report released by the World Health Organization, malocclusion or tooth skew is the third most popular dental disease in the world, second only to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Fortune business insights, a market research firm, previously pointed out in its Research Report on the size of the orthodontic market that the U.S. transparent appliance market may reach $4.55 billion by 2028.


In addition, people’s search trend on search engines also reflects their increasing demand for orthodontics. Sarah Barnes, content marketing manager of trendalytics, said in an interview with WWD: “we found that people’s search for dental appliances has greatly exceeded the sum of neck skin lifting and facial anti-aging.”


It can be seen that under the background that the conventional medical and aesthetic nursing markets such as neck and face have reached the growth bottleneck period, orthodontics has become a new hot trend of medical and aesthetic plastic surgery. Although orthodontics is not a “must do” dental beauty project from the medical point of view, people who are staring have to keep the perfect state of their face and neck, and bring the tooth regularity into the assessment standard of “flawless image”.


Invisalign hidden beauty


Invisalign, one of the pioneers in the field of Orthodontics, pioneered the invisible orthodontic technology 24 years ago. Now, the innovation of this technology has been covered by hundreds of patents. In April, Invisalign yinshimei released its first quarter financial report. The data showed that the sales revenue of its star product “no bracket invisible appliance” was US $753.3 million, an increase of 7% month on month and 56.4% year-on-year.




In fact, although orthodontics is suitable for all young people, compared with teenagers or children, mature adults will have more restrictions on comprehensive orthodontic treatment, and the difficulty and time of Orthodontics will be improved accordingly. At the same time, conventional metal orthodontic braces are no longer the first choice for people with orthodontic needs, especially the younger generation, because of their unsightness and oral discomfort.


The report of grand view research points out that the youth group has occupied the dominant position in the invisible appliance market and contributed 73% of the largest revenue share in 2020. They don’t like the oral discomfort caused by metal braces, and want beautiful, imperceptible and effective orthodontic appliances.


The development of this demand has also led to a series of new treatments in dental clinics.


Sharon Huang, a cosmetic dentist in New York City and founder of Les belles NYC, created a correction method called probe to speed up the treatment time of yinshimei Invisalign. It is reported that the price of the course of treatment is about $1600 and the course of treatment is about 4 days.


Propel that can shorten the course of correction


In addition, Sharon Huang also launched a program called smile preview to show patients how their teeth look after treatment through artificial intelligence technology. It is a customized orthodontic technology. The smile preview costs $300 to $3000 and is suitable for people who seek orthodontics to better suit their appearance“ I use artificial intelligence technology to integrate each patient’s unique facial features to ensure that the teeth fit their smile and face. This is a painless process, does not require anesthesia, and is 100% reversible. ”


Faced with the two problems that the cost of orthodontics is generally high, and both need to be operated by professionals in professional medical institutions and dental clinics, some companies focusing on oral health have also begun to develop low-cost orthodontics that can be operated at home to meet the different needs of various people.


In 2017, candid, a dental service organization, launched home-based dental impression kits, a team of professional orthodontists and door-to-door 3D printed transparent braces. The price of these correction courses is about a quarter of that of conventional methods such as Invisalign. Customers with orthodontic needs only need to place an order for DIY dental modeling kit with candid, so they can collect dental prints and send them to candid, and then candid can 3D print personalized orthodontic appliances according to the customer’s specific dental conditions.




In addition, candid will evaluate the degree of correction of customers according to different situations to ensure that only “mild to moderate” correction is required. If it exceeds this range, candid will ask customers to turn to professional correction services from other channels.


Invisible orthodontic appliances are not the only invisible solution to correct teeth. For example, inbrace provides people with a personalized intelligent wire therapy method fixed inside the mouth, smartwire, which costs between $5000 and $7000. Customers only need to tighten it every month without other steps to ensure the effect of correction, and can meet people’s demand for “invisible correction”.


Inbrace smart wire therapy smartwire


It is certain that with the further rise of people’s demand for orthodontics, more new technologies will emerge in this subdivision in the future. Orthodontics will also become more common from a high price and long course of treatment, so as to really enter public life and meet more different personalized orthodontic needs.

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