2021 summer sunscreen big evaluation, this I advise you never to buy!

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The so-called summer without sunscreen immediately become black charcoal! No way, no way! There are still people who don’t wear sunscreen when they go out.Now we should all go out to put on sunscreen, right, after all, do not apply sunscreen a cool, want to whitening crematorium! It is difficult to get back to white.


After all, sunscreen is a lifelong career, mainly sun is too easy to get old, how can our little fairy old! Out simply want to wrap themselves into mummies!Many little sisters must only know that sunscreen is to prevent sunlight, in fact, sunscreen is to prevent the invisible and invisible ultraviolet rays!


Ultraviolet rays are also divided into UVB, UVA, UVC these three, generally speaking, the prevention of UVA and UVB.


UVB wavelength medium, will cause sunburn and skin redness and heat pain, carcinogenicity is the strongest; UVA wavelength longer, easy to cause sun redness and sunburn, the main cause of skin aging and wrinkles.


PS: UVC wavelength is shorter, penetration is also not strong, basically will be blocked by the ozone layer, can not reach the face.


In addition to the science of UV, but also want to talk to the little sister on the sunscreen some small logo, I bet a lot of little sister certainly do not recognize ~The most common on the sunscreen is the SPF and PA logo, SPF is used to indicate the sunscreen’s UVB protection ability, that is, the skin against UVB time times.


ummer sunscreen


The SPF value is different, indicating that the time of effective sun protection is also different, the larger the value after the SPF, representing the longer the time to prevent sunburn and sun redness.PA is used to indicate the UVA index of this sunscreen, represented in the sunscreen products is the level of sunscreen delay skin tanning, simply put, the strength of the sunscreen tanning protection.


Generally PA is divided into three levels PA++, PA+++, PA++++, the + behind it indicates the effect of sunscreen tanning, sun aging, + the more the stronger the ability to delay the skin tanning, sun aging for a longer time.According to the knowledge learned above, we can well according to their own needs to choose sunscreen, but there is one thing we should pay attention to! The best sunscreen also needs to be diligent!


The sunscreen on the market now is generally divided into three types: physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen and physical and chemical hybrid sunscreen.Physical sunscreen refers to the refraction and scattering of ultraviolet rays to the surface of the skin to block the outside, when applying sunscreen, your skin is equivalent to a reflector, which can reflect the sun’s rays back.


Common physical sunscreens are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc., suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, not easy to cause allergies, but easy to whitish more thick.The principle of chemical sunscreen is to absorb UV rays and convert it into energy that can be released to achieve the effectiveness of sun protection.


Common chemical sunscreens are UVB absorbers (cinnamates, salicylates, etc.), UVA absorbers (phenyl ketones, MexorylSX, etc.).Chemical sunscreens generally have a refreshing texture, no weightiness after application, not whitish and not greasy, suitable for oily skin and oily skin. However, chemical sunscreens can be irritating to the skin and need to be reapplied.Combine the advantages of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen respectively, try to optimize the skin feel and effect, the need to remove makeup is mainly to see the proportion of physical sunscreen agent, more on the unloading wash.


Well read these signs, we are going to start today’s main event – happy sunscreen review ~


The following 10 players participated in today’s review, of which unny took its brother together, we will then put him two in the comparison.Everyone must be more concerned about their prices before looking at their reviews, rest assured that today’s prices are all affordable range da ~Today’s review will be divided into three major aspects: texture, viscosity and waterproof test, ten players are very intense competition, let’s look at the evaluation ~


Let’s look at a general difference, squeeze these all on the arm, you can visually see the difference between each texture.


First, let’s look at the highest price Watami, the appearance of the more simple and generous, the bottle is heavier and more textured (with the possibility of falling and breaking), the capacity is the least in this review ~


Physical and chemical sunscreen combination of sunscreen, but physical sunscreen substances and chemical sunscreen substances as much, so this is the need to remove makeup my little sisters ~The pump head design is very convenient, squeeze out the texture of the partial emulsion, lighter, better to push away, the liquidity is medium.Apply it with a slight sense of shine, with a light almond flavor, no boring feeling, not whitish, is a delicate feeling that can be felt.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.Although it is a physical blend of sunscreen but in the composition can be seen, or chemical sunscreen is the main, so wash off with a face wash.


The liquidity of the liquid is good, similar to the texture of the correction fluid, better to push away, but the hand feel greasy.There will be a boring feeling, but the film is more refreshing, not white, matte feeling, but contains alcohol content is not recommended for small sisters of sensitive skin.


The L’Oreal small gold tube is a sunscreen I have been watching for a long time, the design of the pump head is more intimate, the bottle is self-contained glossy texture.The main ingredients we can see that it is a chemical sunscreen, you can use the face wash directly wash. The actual chemical sunscreen is usually that we need to replenish it often.


The sunscreen is pure white, the bottle is a lot of small sisters like the matte matte feeling, looks more advanced.Although it is a physical blend of sunscreen, but the main chemical sunscreen ingredients, so you can directly wash with a cleanser.You can see that this texture is very light and moist, fluid, like water, no oily film feeling, very refreshing.You can get it if you like the feeling of freshness.


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