A few of the hot selling whitening and anti-aging serum use experience, expensive may not always be good to use

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Some people say that serum is a woman’s favorite, no matter what age, beauty girls can not escape the clutches of serum, 20 years old with moisturizing, acne; 30 years old with whitening, anti-aging; 40 years old with anti-aging, wrinkle; 50 years old with wrinkle, wrinkle; 60 years old with wrinkle, wrinkle; anyway, no matter what your age, a good serum you must have, and also more than one bottle.


Helene Greenbrier Light Cream


The most famous Greenbrier series, the HR family of this series of products, I like extremely. I personally recommend the light cream, which I usually use during the day, because they have a night cream specifically for the night repair, but there is a significant difference in texture between the two. The texture of this light cream is really soft, looks a little thick, but actually very good to push away and absorb, as a combination of oily skin, use also no pressure. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.




FAVOLAREALTA Anti-Wrinkle Essence


The niche brand from the United States, INS stars in Europe and the United States are using, belong to the hospital products, the circulation of the market is relatively small, containing a high concentration of squalane and the right amount of hyaluronic acid composition, mild and non-stimulating, suitable for all skin, especially sensitive muscle friends, but also can be used with confidence, not to step on the mine. The essence texture is moist and light, on the face moisture is good, good absorption is not greasy, wrinkle removal fine lines and anti-aging at the same time also added niacinamide whitening ingredients, not only to deal with aging problems, but also to brighten the skin tone, to solve the dull pigmentation, simply a bottle when two bottles to use.


sk2 small bulb essence


The effect of the small bulb contains pitera and niacinamide, the effect of rapid whitening is quite good, but the use of good tolerance before, otherwise the skin will be sensitive to rapid whitening feeling red! The same feeling of use has some sticky, milky texture. I feel her moisturizing degree is much stronger than L’Oreal, coated in the face without a sense of burden. It is a little expensive for such a bottle of essence, many stay up late party like, but will also look for its affordable alternative. The small bulb is suitable for most skin types, especially aging and rough skin texture, dull yellow, oily acne muscle. It is recommended to try it on dry and sensitive skin. Niacinamide can prevent melanin from spreading to the face, while boosting metabolism and accelerating the shedding of keratin containing melanin cells to stop the generation of pigmentation, which is effective in improving skin tone.

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