A single eye line shows 10 years of age Fancl Collagen Renewal Serum restores smoothness and firmness to the skin

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The secret to reversing the “age of your skin” is to keep your skin’s collagen fresh and plentiful, and FANCL’s new Collagen Revitalizing Serum, with a variety of highly effective anti-aging and revitalizing ingredients, revitalizes collagen to instantly smooth wrinkles, improve sagging and other skin aging problems, and restore skin’s smoothness and firmness.


Fancl’s updated Collagen Renewal Serum is infused with highly effective anti-aging ingredients “Rose Revitalizing Growth Essence” and “Grape Bud Extract” to revitalize collagen synthesis, along with new skin revitalizing ingredients “Yeast Extract”, “Violet Rice Extract” and “Inositol” to revitalize the skin’s new function and smooth wrinkles, improve sagging and other skin aging problems; the product can also contain preservatives, each drop is fresh, highly active beauty nutrition.


Fancl Collagen Revitalizing Essence


Extracted from Rose Damascena placenta, which has a life span of only 2 weeks, it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals to revitalize cells and stimulate collagen synthesis to combat skin aging problems from the deepest layer of the skin and fade the signs of ageing.




Fancl Collagen Revitalizing Eye Mask BC Beauty Concentrate Mask


The new packaging of BC Beauty Concentrate Mask is made of high-density, ultra-fine fibers, and the mask is loaded with highly effective eye revitalizing essence, focusing on the skin around the eyes that are prone to aging and fine lines.


Fancl BC Intensive Eye Essence


One eye line can make you look 10 years older, don’t want to be dragged down by eye lines? Use BC Intensive Eye Essence early to repair the delicate eye area. It is a unique “skin smoothing and firming formula” that effectively tightens, repairs and smoothes out dry lines, and works with “proteoglycans” to hydrate the skin, strengthen defenses and fight dryness, restoring firmness and youthfulness to the eyes!

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