A straight man’s daily skincare recommendations

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In fact, a long time ago I wanted to write this topic, although in the field of skin care products girls will always occupy the main field, but we straight men do not want more sophisticated bar, at least also to primping, not looking for more handsome, at least clean and fresh.


This article is facing the straight male group, the recommended things are also combined with the needs and characteristics of the majority of straight male, female compatriots have slot also hope light spit.


The things recommended in this article have three main characteristics.


1, convenient. After all, straight men are lazy, so efficiency is very important, here the convenience is not only easy to use, also includes the convenience of buying, do not need to turn the corner to find a substitute to do homework


2, cost-effective. This is not really a problem of poor money, should be considered gender differences. I believe that many male compatriots are willing to throw a lot of money to buy a pair of sneakers or with a high matching computer to play the game, but also not willing to spend a lot of money on skin care, almost on it. So the cost performance is also an important point of consideration.


3, universality. The list should be considered basic products, any straight man should be able to find one or two things suitable for themselves, can use. Just like the clothing in the Uniqlo, versatile, high degree of applicability.The following will enter the main topic.


FLORIHANA Damascus Rose Astringent


This is a brand from France, I understand it as an affordable alternative to sk2. The straight man may not understand what is astringent water, simply put is for the problem of large pores using the product, at the same time can remove blackheads, clean pores to improve skin quality, use the same way as toner, after cleansing the face to use.


I bought 1000ml of only three or four hundred dollars. In the summer time in the refrigerator, ice and then put on your face! Simply a second refresh.


I don’t know how many bottles I’ve used, but I can also pour it directly into the aromatherapy machine or use it to steam my face, and I can pour it into a small spray bottle to take away as a moisturizing spray, all-round and good and cheap.


The actual experience of using the face is that there is no other brand of toner that is alcoholic, not irritating, at least in my face no irritation, no allergies and other phenomena, I am a combination of skin, pure natural rose extract ingredients, after the application will be quickly air dry, air dry skin is not tight and not dry, in general, and ordinary water on the face of the touch, so this experience should be applicable to most people.


The actual pores are not a big project that can be completed overnight, and you can’t just rely on a skin care product, you also need to adjust your endocrine from your diet and rest. I feel that after using it for a while, I feel that it is quite effective in helping to cleanse my skin, and I feel very fresh after each use. So even as an auxiliary cleansing product, I would recommend this one.


PIER AUGE Life Extension Mask


To be honest, I don’t know how I came to be in Beijing during this period of time. Every day I went out and saw the street lights outside were very dark, flickering in the haze, just like in the Resident Evil. You do not understand, in the winter outside the door, walking 20 minutes can not touch a clean place to sell food.


Beijing is a place that makes me want to buy expensive things, with logos, with obvious shapes, aggressive, the kind of things you can’t buy at home. Fashionable enough, practical enough.


This brand is quite niche, PIER AUGE This brand was discovered when I was still in school in France, passing by a beauty store. The love of beauty for the French is a life attitude that permeates into the genes, special and unrepeatable style.


This mask is converted into RMB as little as two or three hundred, rare is, and the big brands placed together is not inferior. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and they’ve been in the market for a long time.


The cheap and cheap bowl is no joke. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.


The main effect of this is hydration + whitening, responsible to say, adhere to use, the effect is very good. I’ve been using it for 2 years, especially in the summer after giving the sun I love to use this. The skin tone will change significantly after a month or so of continuous use.


In addition I also bought their essence, this is just arrived, I first use a period of time before writing a review.


Japan Ya-man RF regenerator + Guerlain Guerlain Orchid Cream


This is a combination that works together.


In fact, the beauty instrument is a very famous product, many celebrities have recommended, but straight men may know less.


Guerlain is a skincare brand from France, inside the nutrients I will not say much, directly to the point, the applicability of this cream is very high, spring, summer, autumn and winter can be used, the texture is not thin and thick just right, I am generally accustomed to use it in autumn and winter, more moist, but definitely not greasy, lazy man, if the year round only use this one is not a problem.


They also have a stay-up face cream, it is simply grabbed can not grab the explosive models.


In addition to the good, I have nothing to say about it.


Some straight men have better skin or people are lazy, do not like the complicated procedures, toner and so on, this product can also be in place, wash your face directly after applying it + that Japanese machine to the face dislike. It’s a lot less complicated.


I personally feel that this cream should be suitable for all skin types, I am combination skin, very suitable.




LE LABO Hand Cream


The famous LE LABO, I believe that the majority of straight men should also have heard of it.


I’ve used many brands, and I’ve used all the common ones recommended online, but in retrospect I’d like to recommend LE LABO.


LE LABO is characterized by being more balanced. L’Occitane is thinner, urlique is thicker. I believe that many people may prefer a little thinner, after all, the thick coating will feel very greasy to the touch, uncomfortable, I also, especially do not like the “greasy” Jurlique.


ACQUA DI PARMA Parma body lotion


When it comes to taste and niche, it is inevitable to take this brand out and talk about it.


The focus of the brand is to serve those men who are qualified to be called “gentlemen”. One hundred years ago, Acqua Di Parma first product, is launched for men and cologne. Today, the major fashion brands are racking their brains to earn women’s money, Acqua Di Parma is still dedicated to serving those men who live a sophisticated and refined life.


To know how the most sophisticated men in the world are sophisticated, you can get a glimpse of Acqua Di Parma’s skincare collection.


These razors, creams, and aftershave waters are solidly elegant and chic.


Now that I’m poorer, I’ll buy a cologne first. Use some niche, with a sense of ritual, to put life in.


LA MER Aquamarine, magic face cream, magic eye cream


These two I choose to put out together, they are my long-term use of cost-effective products, especially in the fall and winter.


The miracle cream is used after the essence and water, thicker, more nourishing ingredients, applied to the face basically nothing heavy feeling, and even will feel the same as not applied. The fragrance is very expensive, how to say, two words, advanced. Gently applied to the face a! The expensive scent and skin chemical reaction crunching my ears!


SISIEY Heathley all-purpose milk


We straight men skin care, the most important thing even if the convenience. The herbal taste of this lotion is what I like, and I’ve been using it for a long time. After washing your face, you can apply it directly. There is absolutely no need to do other skin care steps.


There may be straight men do not understand what is BO, you can simply understand that the pure plant extract.


In terms of the use of experience, feel good, last winter has been using this, anyway, often with the wind in the outdoor activities, a day down to run around and did not feel the loss of skin moisture but also tender. This is also a word-of-mouth product, cost-effective.


So it is recommended that the majority of straight men choose this all-purpose milk.


CHANEL Chanel Camellia series


First of all, the whole set with the skin care. Generally women use more, but in fact men can also use, and very applicable.


Camellia is a good thing, followed by male compatriots may not usually pay much attention to work and rest, smoking and drinking constantly, the effect of this is still relatively obvious, of course, to adhere to the use of this cleanser.


The clean face is not just to make you look more handsome, but more importantly to give you a good skin condition, good tone, but also to make you more refreshing, while there are many other benefits, the specific can go to know about camellia extract and anthocyanins. The price is not expensive, I bought the last discount, converted down to five a day do not.


The whole article is finished, this recommended basic is my usual inexpensive good things, each one is really my own use feel good to recommend, buy are also more convenient, Tmall on the basic can be bought, relatively save things.


If the response to this article is good, the next article may consider updating some of the middle and high level (more expensive) for straight men’s skin care products.


This is also a matter of fate. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. This is even if the original five features grow more randomly also beautiful do not know how much.

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