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Brand Story


Avène is located in the Cevennes Mountains in the south of France, 350 meters above sea level, in the middle of the Ober Valley, between L’Espinouse and L’Escandorgue mountains, 80 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. According to local legend, the therapeutic value of Avène Thermal Spring Water was discovered by chance in 1736: the Marquis of Rocozels’ horses drank the water and bathed at the spring and recovered completely from their skin diseases. Then, some patients began to use Avène Thermal Spring Water to treat their skin, and the first spa was established in 1743. In the nineteenth century, Avène spring water was already famous for helping to treat skin diseases and was recognized by the French government, and its popularity was evident when it was transported as far as the United States in 1871 to rescue the victims of the Chicago fire.


In 1975, Mr. Pierre Faber, out of his love for the traditions of his native southern region, especially those of traditional healing, set out to develop and expand the benefits of the Saint-Odile Thermal Spring and, in 1990, to build a new Thermal Spring Spa near the old Thermal Spring (1743 is still inscribed on a stone monument next to the Thermal Spring), which provides excellent conditions for more than 2,500 patients each year.




With the support of the Pierre Faber group of companies (the second largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in France), the spa, which has a long history of 250 years, has experienced a new economic take-off, and the concept of skin care with Avène Thermal Spring Water has been promoted and expanded to different areas.


On the basis of scientific hydrotherapy, Pierre Faber studied the characteristics of Avène Active Spring Water in depth, established new spa centers, used ultra-modern equipment for production at the source, developed professional medical skin care cosmetics for sensitive skin, and gave full play to the efficacy of hydrotherapy (dedicated to the care of skin diseases).


In order to meet the needs of skin types with different degrees of sensitivity, Avène products are developed in compliance with rigorous pharmaceutical standards and meet the following quality requirements.


Strict selection of raw materials; meeting European pharmaceutical GMP quality standards and ISO 9002 quality certification; skin experts are required to test on sensitive skin; products are hypoallergenic and do not cause acne; manufactured under the supervision of the European Cosmetics Supervisory Board; and applicable to a wide range of people.

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