Beauty brands are pushing “efficient ampoule”, first-aid maintenance depends on it!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-22 17:05:18
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Summer skin care bottlenecks can be solved by the ampoule.


In response to the fast-paced era, consumers are looking for quick results, proving everyone’s desire for fast, hard and accurate maintenance, so the main focus on first aid skin conditions, immediate results of the ampoule maintenance is rampant, dermatologist Wu Yingjun also said: “Selecting efficient ingredients, according to the skin condition and precise maintenance, is the important key to regain flawless beauty!


Lancome Absolute Perfection Gold Rose Superconducting Ampoule, 12ml


The core of this ultra-concentrated serum is made from three concentrated rose extracts, combined with the top anti-aging ingredients – triple ceramides and micron dual-activating texture. The new vacuum dropper design perfectly seals in the activity of the precious ingredients in the ampoule, leaving the skin refreshed after 7 days of continuous use.




Sisley Anti-Wrinkle Activating Ampoule, 10ml x 4.


The answer to youthful, vibrant skin using top-notch active plant extracts and powerful synergies. The 3 key mechanisms in the skin’s cellular energy cycle, Protect, Connect and Eliminate, work in perfect synergy to push skin renewal to its peak in one month with 4 bottles of highly concentrated essence.


AVON New Revitalizing Ampoule 1.3ml×7


Contains the highest concentration of botulinol, used at night instead of the serum step, one bottle a day to help skin elasticity.


DR.WU 1% Centella Asiatica Sensitive Repair Essence, 15ml, 3% Resveratrol Brightening Repair Essence, 15ml


DR.WU 1% Centella Asiatica Allergy Repair Serum, 15ml, 1.5% EGF Stimulating Essence, 15ml


DR.WU has created a series of high performance, high purity, and high concentration lab serums since last year. This year, we are launching 1% Centella Asiatica, 3% Resveratrol and 1.5% EGF to help solve skin problems precisely.


The highly effective essence can be added to your daily maintenance routine according to your skin condition to quickly break through the maintenance bottlenec

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