Brief introduction of Clinique and Lancome brands

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Clinique was founded in New York in 1968 and now belongs to Estee Lauder group. The three steps of basic skin care promoted by Clinique are world-famous. Clinique’s chief dermatologist is Dr. Norman orentreich.


Clinique’s German original clinic shows the origin of the brand and medicine. When Mrs. Estee Lauder and Carol Phillips were creating the Clinique brand, they happened to pass through a small German town, where there was a clinic, and the Clinique sign with green words on a white background was concise, lively and eye-catching. Mrs. EsteeLauder and Carol Phillips immediately thought that Clinique was bothering about the brand name, and they had a great liking for Clinique at the same time, so Mrs. EsteeLauder found the boss of the clinic and hoped that he could sell Clinique. The conditions were also very favorable: one was to buy out the brand with a large amount of cash, Second, let the owner of the clinic become a shareholder of Clinique. Finally, the owner of the clinic sold Clinique’s brand under the temptation of astronomical cash. However, if he knew in advance that Clinique’s brand would be popular all over the world once it was launched, he would choose the second condition.


Clinique’s cooperation with licensed doctors and clinicians has created the first skin care system developed by dermatologists: Cleansing Soap, exfoliating cleanser, moisturizing and special moisturizer or gel.


Two times a day, three steps each time, only 3 minutes each time. The skin will become fresh and transparent again.


Clinique make-up makes the skin look better.




Each Clinique eye shadow and mascara are tested by an ophthalmologist’s allergy. Clinique’s sweet lip colors contain moisturizers, not spices. Clinique’s basic principle is not only perfect, but also actively improve fine lines, red blood, uneven skin color and so on.


Lancome belongs to L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics group. It was founded in Paris by Armand PetitJean in 1935. Its name comes from lancosme, a castle in central France on the loica river. For the convenience of pronunciation, it uses a typical French long sound symbol to replace the “s” letter in the castle name. Roses are planted around the castle. PetitJean loves roses and believes that women are as beautiful as flowers, each with its own posture and characteristics. Therefore, taking the castle as the brand name, the roses in the castle have become the brand logo. Her founder, Amanda Podi, made her sense of smell, perseverance and perseverance in the sense of genius, and his ambition to capture the French brand in the global cosmetics market, which was monopolized by the US brand at that time, to write a beautiful page for the history of world cosmetics.


Lancome belongs to L’Oreal cosmetics group together with HR, Helena Rubinstein and Biotherm, as well as Vichy sold through the pharmacy. The founder ArmandPetitjean loves roses. He grows roses in his garden in the outskirts of Paris. The typical rose of LANCOME perfume is a traditional round flower stamen and a curved stem from the works of painter Redout. He is best at depicting plants and flowers. Armand PetitJean, an expert in spices and cosmetics, devoted his whole life to his dream – to give the most beautiful gifts to female friends; For them, he created Lancome; For them, he chose roses; For them, he gathered the best scientists around him; For them, he started an unprecedented journey in the kingdom of passion; Beautiful art is “alafrancaise”.

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