Burberry unique perfume, an irreplaceable charm.

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Burberry is a luxury brand with very British traditional style. It was founded in 1856 and has a strong British culture. Its “windbreaker” is famous all over the world as a brand logo, has won the hearts of countless people and has become an eternal brand“ The grid element is the symbolic element of Burberry, applied to clothes, umbrellas, scarves and even perfume bottles. Colors and tailoring complement each other and inspire eclectic fashion inspiration. It has gradually attracted the hearts of people all over the world with its classic, unique style and design.


Burberry’s perfume can be mild British style and unique charm of men, so as to create a unique perfume style.


Burberry men’s Eau De Toilette


Top notes: Green citrus, bergamot, ginger, scrub cardamom. Medium notes: wild roses, cedar, nutmeg; Tone: Oriental wood, musk, lavender bean. Fresh Oriental scent, a unique pre blending blend of juicy green citrus, scrub cardamom and bergamot, has the elegance of wild roses, spicy nutmeg and cedar fragrance. The aftertaste shows Oriental scent. Mixed with the aroma of musk and smoked beans, men are sexy and masculine at the same time.


Ms. Burberry Eau De Toilette


Before the tune: Italy lime, ice pear, lime; Medium notes: sweet almond sugar and white peony. Tone: vanilla, Lingling fragrant beans, amber, mahogany. This sweet floral and fruity aroma is suitable for Asia. The first fragrance of this perfume is comfortable lime, ice pear and nuts, the middle and the last aroma is small almond cake, peony, vanilla and amber, sweet and warm. It is fresh, soft and simple. Elegant temperament shows women’s dual personality, making her both playful and elegant!


Burberry New London men’s Eau De Toilette


Top notes: bergamot, lavender, black pepper, cinnamon leaf. Middle notes: mimosa, leather, red wine; Tone: tobacco, oak moss, myrrh. Light wood aroma, comfortable and comfortable, the front tone is very clear and sweet, with woody aroma, with a little fragrance in the middle and tail, steady and peaceful, healthy and energetic, very sexy, like the taste of pine after rain.


Burberry New London Eau De Toilette


Top notes: roses, honeysuckle, oranges; Medium notes: jasmine, peony, headdress; After the tune: musk, wide patch fragrance, sandalwood. It has a strong jasmine aroma, lasting aroma, but not too rich, elegant and feminine, fresh and subtle, very beautiful. The front notes are roses, the middle notes are peony and jasmine, and sandalwood and musk are the back tones. Ripe and elegant perfume is the classic of entry-level perfume, which is widely used. This is a high quality perfume with both practicality and artistry.


Burberry Dynamic Beat men’s Eau De Toilette


Pre tune: pepper, fragrant Tron, violet; Medium notes: Geranium and thyme. After the change: vetiver grass, wood tune. A bottle of fresh wood perfume, emitting wood aroma, with spicy black pepper, vetiver and violet leaf aroma, emitting a fashionable and elegant breath. The perfume bottle is designed with matchbox and has a gray black metal lamp to show the masculinity and personality easily.


Burberry Dynamic Beat Eau De Toilette Eau De Toilette




Top notes: pink pepper, orange, bergamot and cardamom. Middle notes: warblers, tea, Campanula. Tone: musk, vanilla root, cedar. Classic style, especially feminine when sprayed on the body. The former tone is the faint fragrance of orchid flowers, the mid tone is light wood flavor, and the tail tone is the elegant Ceylon tea fragrance. Free and bold temperament is the theme of this perfume.


Burberry Eau De Toilette


Top notes: Rosemary, melon and white pine. Medium notes: water, cyclamen, violet. Tone: oak moss, musk, vetiver. The fresh and Bright smell of the sea starts with fresh rosemary. The center of the smell includes water factor, and the tone is wood and oak moss. Ocean Style Men’s perfume, inspired by the heat of London, and the refreshing, comfortable and refreshing skin that awakes the skin in the sun. Charming perfume interacts with refreshing rosemary, ocean water and moist moss.


Burberry pink love song lady Eau De Toilette


Pre cut: litchi, grapefruit, Pineapple leaves, citrus, grapes; Medium notes: pink peony, peach blossom, fragrant peas, pears; Post tune: white musk, Amie fragrance. Relaxed and pleasant aroma. The former is pineapple leaves, especially for sweet lychee and grapes. The aroma in the center exudes beautiful flower fragrance, integrating the flower fragrance of peony, peach and sweet pea. The smell is based on bright white musk and pink AMI incense wood.


Burberry Water Love men’s Eau De Toilette


This is a delicate and elegant amber wood fragrance. The front notes are fresh bergamot, black pepper, lavender and spicy cinnamon leaves. The taste is exquisite, attractive and sexy, including luxury leather, mimosa and unique red wine. Tobacco leaves, fragrant wood, rich oak moss and sensory stimulating sweet myrrh resin together show the most classic and representative aftertaste.


Lady Burberry naked yarn perfume


Front note: lemon, apple, absinth; Medium notes: Rose, white jasmine, sandalwood; Tone: vanilla, wood, amber, musk. This perfume is specially designed for women with light maturity. It is sweet, not greasy, sexy and plain, and can be easily controlled in the workplace or in daily life. The taste is sweet and floral. The addition of wood increases the texture, but the thickness is not enough for different seasons.


Bloomberg weekend Eau De Toilette


Top notes: pineapple, Hami melon, oranges, grapefruit and bergamot. Medium notes: sandalwood, ivy, oak moss; Tone: honey, amber, musk. Initial description: the fresh, clean, natural and explosive aroma composed of bergamot and citrus brings a dynamic, transparent and fresh feeling, but lasting. The middle tone shows a soft and elegant side. Classic style shows the charm of casual men. The timeless and elegant bottle shape is slightly curved. This vibrant perfume gives people a relaxing and masculine sense of smell and an explosive and mild aroma.


Burberry weekend ladies perfume


Front note: small illustrations, oranges, Salvia; Medium notes: peach blossom, nectarine, hyacinth; Post tune: sandalwood, musk, cedar. This is a fresh, vibrant aroma. It has an orange, mild and slightly orthodox smell. Suitable for every lady with gentle atmosphere!


Burberry classic London men’s Eau De Toilette


Top notes: peppermint, lavender, thyme, hyacinth; Medium notes: Rose, sandalwood, Geranium; Tone: amber, sesame, oil tree. The front tone is a clear fragrance with fresh and attractive citrus, sap and sage flowers. The medium tones blend with the elegant and warm aroma of wild roses, peach blossoms, iris and hyacinth, with subtle peach aroma. The tone is composed of rich cedar and sandalwood. The refreshing aroma creates a deep, soothing and pleasant charm. Recommended for use during the day.


Burberry Water Love Baby Eau De Toilette perfume


Pre adjustment: orange peel, peppermint and rhubarb gum. Medium notes: orange blossom, jasmine, lily of the valley. After adjustment: vanilla, milk. This perfume is specially designed for mothers and babies by Burberry. It is alcohol free and non irritating. Whether it is the packaging of the outer package or the interpretation of perfume itself, it brings fresh experience to people.


Burberry’s image represents: quality, reputation, delicacy and timeless classics. Burberry perfume is one of its representatives. Perfume is a symbol of taste. Each perfume represents a style. Choose the perfume that suits you to make yourself more confident and charming.


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