Chanel + Hermes = Hermes? The ARMANI saga

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Unique elegant and innovative design achievements extraordinary ARMANI


The Milan-based ARMANI brand entered the fashion world from menswear and has successfully extended into skincare, make-up and perfumes. Today, ARMANI is not only printed with black bottom white words of fashion, it represents a kind of lifestyle, a bold and untrammeled and dynamic symbol, will men and women luxuriant, sexy, tian yi and creative interpretation to the extreme.


Brand founder


Born On July 11, 1934, in Piacenza, northern Italy, Giorgio Armani’s life was as magical as the birthplace of Latin. In 1957, after leaving the army, he took a job as a window designer at the department store La Rinascente. In 1961, he joined the famous fashion design house Nino Cerruti, as an assistant to the father of Italian fashion Nino Cerruti, began to make his mark in the fashion industry. However, the Romantic casualness of Italian people makes it resolutely abandon the generous treatment of big companies and start to plan their own career. In 1975, at the encouragement of his friend, Sergio Galeotti, he launched his own men’s wear line under the name Giorgio Armani, and from then on began something of a marvel in the fashion world.


Armani myth


“Elegant, not to be caught in a moment, but to be remembered forever.” This is the unique interpretation that Armani makes for elegance, which symbolizes the soul and essence of the brand and is worth pondering and pondering by everyone. In this flying age, all views and arguments and forms of expression are accelerating depreciation, the fashion of the day, the blink of an eye is the past. Only Armani’s elegant and innovative designs have stood the test of time. His extreme pursuit of perfect style makes each of his works completely original design at that time, which has quietly crossed time in the precipitation of years, and become classic today. The world’s fashion stage would not be perfect without Armani, because he is the one who defines perfection for the world with his unique perspective and insight on fashion.


Giorgio Armani is a glamorous legend in the world of international fashion. The fashion he designed is elegant and subtle, easy and simple, exquisite workmanship, concentrated on representing the style of Italian fashion. Giorgio Armani has won more than 30 awards around the world in 14 years, Such as the Gran Cavaliere Della Repubblica Award, the Commendatore Dell ‘Ordine al Merito Della Repubblica Award, The World’s best Designer Award from the Designers Council of America and the Lifetime Achievement Award for men’s wear. He also received an honorary Doctorate from the Royal College of Art in London and was awarded the first Rodeo Drive Walk of Style award in September 2003, in recognition of his leadership in the combination of fashion and film. Giorgio Armani is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees union. ARMANI fashion has gone beyond its own meaning in the public mind, becoming a symbol of success and a modern lifestyle.




Design style


The ARMANI brand’s style is neither trendy nor unconventional, but a good combination of the two, and its products rarely seem to have anything to do with fashion.


“The ARMANI design is based on three golden principles: one is to get rid of anything unnecessary; Second, pay attention to comfort; The third is that the most gorgeous things are actually the simplest.” This is giorgio Armani’s very precise assessment of his own design.


American fashion designer Bill Buras said of Armani and his clothes: “His womenswear design is truly unique and unbeatable. He is a genius of his time.” Instead of the stark division between men and women, and the tight division between day and evening wear, Armani’s style, the color of his personality and the fashion created by cultural conflicts and exchanges have made him one of the most influential fashion designers since the 1980s.


Armani-branded clothing generally has a wide range of functions, but flexibility and adaptability do not seem to be valued. In fact, these garments are made of luxurious high quality fabrics. Each piece of ARMANI clothing is boutique, with a wide range of matching, which makes the combination of single items into another characteristic of its style. The clothes, although expensive, have a unique charm, not the kind of excessive exaggeration.

Brand characteristics


Giorgio Armani is one of the designers who is breaking the line between masculinity and femininity and leading women’s wear towards a more androgynistic style in an era of increasing gender confusion. Giorgio Armani studied science at school, medicine at university, assistant medical officer in military service, analytical training in rational attitudes, and the concept of world equilibrium are his criteria for designing clothes.


Giorgio ARMANI created clothes not out of thin air, but from observation, on the street to see other people’s elegant way of dressing, then use his way to reorganize, and then create his own, belong to the ARMANI style of elegant form. Many of the world’s top executives, Hollywood movie stars appreciate the creation style of such self, and become ARMANI followers. Jodie Foster is a big fan of ARMANI. In men’s and women’s clothing, simple suits with perfect neutral tailoring, no matter in any time, occasion, there is no inappropriate or fade out of fashion, the champion from the world is cross-career, cross-age.


ARMANI accessories, including leather goods, shoes, glasses, ties, scarves and so on, are as sophisticated as clothes and simple lines, which clearly foil the simple Italian style of clothing. Even if swimsuit, also omit the decorative line of heavy and complicated, give priority to with the splice of sculptural sexy curve, having a kind of indescribable elegant temperament. There are many subbrands of ARMANI, such as ARMANI Jeans series for men and women, ARMANI Junior series for men and women and children, as well as snow clothes and golf wear series. Among them, the most mature one should be Emporio ARMANI men and women’s wear with the eagle as the symbol. The various brands have attracted loyal supporters, and the fashion world has gone armani-style. The products of ARMANI are fashionable, noble, delicate and neuter, fully showing the simple, elegant and confident personality of urbanites, so they are deeply favored and sought after by the world superstars such as Richard Gere, Warren Beatty and Sharon Stone. ARMANI leather has inherited its fine quality in clothing design, while integrating their own humanized, delicate design style, so since the product came out, widely recognized by successful people and urban fashion group.


Giorgio Armani


“I got into fashion by accident,” says Armani, who had nothing to do with it until a life-changing job as a window dresser in a department store.


Armani was the second of three children of his father, who ran a shipping company. His grandfather ran a wig shop in Piacenza, making 10th-century wigs for the local theatre. “My grandfather used to take me backstage at the theater, where I was mesmerized by the view of the stage,” armani recalled. But his parents gave up his dream of art and, at their insistence, he was sent to Milan to study medicine. Three years later, he was drafted into the army and served as an assistant surgeon for three years. After leaving the army, by chance, he found a job as a window dresser at a branch of lina Sander, a famous Italian department store. Later, he was transferred to the store’s fashion department. “An employee with nothing to do tends to be shoved into the department by the manager.” “Mr. Armani told reporters with self-deprecation.


It was this opportunity that made Armani break into the world of fashion, he began to accumulate all the knowledge about fashion, learning the relevant skills of fashion design. He worked in the fashion department for seven years, which laid a solid foundation for him as a fashion designer.


One day, Celotti, then an Italian textile authority known as the “Textile King,” was in desperate need of an assistant in fashion design, and the store manager recommended Armani. Celotti was pleased with the shrewd, honest young man, who had asked Armani to pick the best out of a pile of fabrics, and she had chosen her favourite. So he was hired as a men’s wear designer for Celotti at a salary of $40,000 a year, which was high for the time.


‘We have been careful, cautious and prudent,’ Mr. Armani says of diversification. At present, Armani is in charge of the company’s various work, including management, design and so on. He thinks it is important for a fashion house to have “one person in charge”. ‘If you have a good partner to help you, it’s good, but if you can do both, why not?’ armani quipped.

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