Chanel: its life “bosom friend” countless, “lover” is countless

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His lifetime effort to create a fashion kingdom, is still sought after by people. How has Chanel kept up with fashion trends over the past 100 years? What kind of twists and turns is the story behind the enterprise?


As the romantic capital of France, there is no lack of fashion elements, Chanel as a world famous fashion brand, originated from this country. Since the birth of the first bottle of No.5 perfume, Chanel’s insistence on quality and continuous breakthrough in tradition have demonstrated to the world the unique fashion charm of this brand. For ordinary people, the word Chanel itself represents a fashion.




Born into a poor family in 1910, Gabrielle Chanel used her extraordinary sewing skills to open a women’s hat shop in Paris. At a time when women were tired of lacy hats, Chanel made hats that were simple and durable, and within a year, the store was in high demand. However, making hats alone did not satisfy Chanel’s fashion ambitions, so she began to move into couture. In 1914, Chanel opened two clothing stores, to the later generations of far-reaching fashion brand Chanel was born. In the 1920s, Chanel took inspiration from men’s wear and advocated that women should wear natural and comfortable clothes, rather than tightly tied waist like a vase. Based on this idea, Chanel designed a new concept of women’s wear such as knitwear, pullovers and pants, which changed the overly gorgeous fashion of women’s wear at that time and liberated women who were unable to walk in large skirts. These innovations brought a significant change to the history of modern fashion.


In addition to designing fashion, Chanel always wanted to create a perfume that smelled like a woman. In 1921, Chanel hired Ennis Bowe, then the famous Parisian perfume nose. He developed several fragrances, Chanel immediately picked a fifth, the fragrance was named Chanel No.5. No. 5 perfume is the world’s first fragrance with acetaldehyde fragrance. It does not simply reproduce the fragrance, but completely breaks the traditional spirit of fragrance at that time, showing the bravery and audacity of women. Its smooth cuboid bottle body also reflects the simple and unique beauty. Us actress Marilyn Monroe once revealed that she only wore a few drops of Chanel No.5 to sleep at night. Thus, Chanel No.5 perfume with noble and elegant image deep in the hearts of the people, in 1953 became the first use of television advertising goods, three years later was New York metropolitan Museum collection, Chanel is still under the most hot selling products.


Due to the war during the Second World War, Chanel moved to Switzerland with her lover. After returning to China in 1954, Chanel designed women’s dresses of classic styles such as short thick coat and bell-bottom trousers according to her simple and natural style, which once again set off a fashion trend in the Paris fashion circle. In the meantime, the 2.55 chain bag of Chanel is mixed with its concise and easy diamond shape case grain aureate chain, got rid of past female to take the case of handbag is not convenient activity, be sought after after widely by female love. In 1971, after the death of Ms. Chanel, fashion godfather Karl Lagerfeld began to take over, he took office after the first season of the full skirt skirt cut, with colorful exaggerated fake jewelry, this move made the whole fashion industry was shocked, Chanel also therefore to another peak. Karl Lagerfeld with its free and easy design mentality, in keeping Chanel simple and elegant style under the premise of adding lively interest, make it become more young and with a sense of modern.


Entering the 21st century, Chanel paid more attention to the diversification of product direction, no longer limited to do women’s luxury brands, in perfume, watches and clothing also opened up the field of men. Nowadays, Chanel every price change will bring the same industry price adjustment. Chanel today, on the basis of inheriting the independent modern spirit of Gabrielle Chanel, will continue to bring new fashions to the fashion industry. In 2012, Chanel acquired Barrie Knitwear, a Scottish Knitwear brand, which demonstrated Chanel’s commitment to traditional crafts.


But as time went on, Chanel also hit a bottleneck. Chanel has changed little on its runway in recent years. Chanel’s revenue in fiscal year 2015 was $6.24 billion, compared with $5.67 billion in 2016. Compared with $7.5 billion in 2014, Chanel has suffered a severe decline in sales for two consecutive fiscal years. On the other hand, Hermes and LV have always maintained their sophisticated status in the world. Dior, Chanel’s top competitor, has also restructured its fashion and beauty business after being acquired by LVMH, thus improving its competitiveness. In order to regain sales, Chanel also actively implemented the strategy of lowering prices, which caused a wave of controversy in the industry: some people think that Chanel’s degrading status is not in line with its market position as a luxury brand; Another point of view is that more people can get in touch with Chanel’s products by aggressive price-cutting measures. On the premise of ensuring its quality basis, luxury brands should constantly enrich their product lines, so that people of different salary levels can feel its charm.


In recent years, Chanel many times launched the “culture Chanel” promotional exhibition activities, has no. 5 perfume, Gabrielle handbags and other classic products to promote, improve the cultural value of the brand at the same time, but also increased sales.


Nowadays, the whole luxury industry is facing transformation, marketing concept is also constantly updated, and will also face many challenges. Chanel as one of them, through continuous innovation and positive response, its classic No. 5 perfume has now developed to the fifth edition, now it can still meet all women for a bottle of perfume: high quality, elegant and beautiful, and with these qualities of things will never go out of style. Today, Chanel fashion is not only a fashion, but also a belief, it has dressed up the women of the 20th century, but its style and spirit without any dim, but like its no. 5 perfume, out of the old and new, with the change of time shining.

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