Chanel makeup mirror can also be a small bag, Celine launched a high definition fragrance candle 丨 is the day beautiful things

wu meijie Date:2021-09-27 11:41:18
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Chanel brings “makeup mirror small bag”


When it comes to exquisite elegance, the brand that often inevitably comes to mind may be Chanel. In the autumn-winter 2021 series of shows, it seems that all kinds of small accessories can be transformed by Chanel into delicate and unique pendants, whether it is Apple headphone necklace, Apple headphone protector or lipstick case necklace. This time, the interface fashion is to introduce Chanel’s unique makeup mirror.


In this season’s fall/winter collection, Chanel brought two makeup mirrors, both in the classic black and gold color scheme, with a black lacquered goatskin shell, decorated with the iconic classic diamond pattern and double C Logo, simple and atmospheric. Notably, one of the round mirrors is strung with a metal leather chain that doubles as a small, personalized chain bag.


The other, larger square mirror is thoughtfully paired with a leather hand ring, which not only makes it easier to fix your makeup and more convenient, but also serves as a clutch bag in which you can place some small personal items. Both of these makeup mirrors are now online on the official website for those who are interested.




CELINE High Definition fragrance collection launches scented candles


With the tide of luxury brands transforming to lifestyle, major brands have started to expand their product lines. Recently, Celine opened LA MAISON atrium limited time store in Shanghai Plaza 66, displaying its women’s collection and high fashion fragrances in it. At the same time, Celine also launched a derivative scented candle for the high-fashion fragrance collection.


This time, Celine fragrance candle launched a total of six flavors, both with the perfume’s eponymous, slightly heavy flavor Nightclubbing Night, as well as the fresh smell of the forest after the rain Papier Froisse, and a blend of rose, pear and peony gentle Palimpseset and so on.


The design of the candles is simple and advanced, pure black glass bottle with black wax body and wick, in addition to the front simple and atmospheric brand logo and no other complicated embellishments, of course, you can also match your candle with a silver, with a raised Arc de Triomphe logo lid or texture full of leather protective case.

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