Chanel Opens A New Boutique In Washington, DC

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The renowned French couture house of Gabrielle Chanel opened a new boutique in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC at CityCenterDC last week. Women in the city of politics, government, and international relations have a new place for shopping in a space that boasts an 8,000 square foot location with the complete Chanel universe in a singular Chanel boutique, which includes Ready-to-Wear, handbags, shows, costume jewelry, watches, fine jewelry, fragrance and beauty.


As you enter the boutique, there are two airy rooms with beige stone floors that are situated behind the vestibule and showcase handbags and accessories, including the seasonal reinterpretation of Chanel’s iconic 2.55 and 11.12 handbags. A room dedicated to Fragrance and Beauty, as well as eyewear and watches and fine jewelry that display a curated selection of fine jewelry from the Coco Crush, Camélia, and Comète collections, are located new the newest interpretations of the iconic J12.

Designed by New York architect and Chanel collaborator Peter Marino, the single-story building and streamlined façade gives off a modern statement that falls in line with the codes of the house. Captivating as you walk in, the energized space includes a series of rooms likened to the style of Gabrielle’s Chanel’s 31 rue Cambon Paris apartment.

In notes from the house, the boutique is “designed with a luxurious residential feel, the Chanel palette of white, beige and black is enhanced by hand applied finishes as well as a collection of contemporary art and antique furniture. Each work of art throughout the boutique was carefully chosen to reflect Mademoiselle Chanel’s legacy as a passionate patron of the arts and Peter Marino’s signature work for the House.”


The DC boutique includes creative director Virginie Viard’s newest Ready-to-Wear collections for the first time in this powerful city. The white stone floors with polished black accents create contrast to the ebonized wood seen throughout the store. The upholstery is bespoke, designed in France and the US of vibrant fuchsia, red, and blue juxtaposed against beige, gold, white and black ceramic finishes.

Known for her love of the arts and reading, paintings can be seen throughout the boutique of works including three hand-torn paper pieces by Fernando Daza, a series of four Coco Chanel prints by Louis Ellis and two Black Belt by Peter Marino handblown glass vases.

Also, at the boutique is the 2020-21 Métiers d’art collection by Viard. An annual collection to highlight the artistry and craftsmanship of the Métiers d’art houses. This season the collection is inspired by the Château de Chenonceau, “Le Château des Dames”, and the legendary women who resided in the castle, including Catherine de’ Medici and Diane de Poitiers.

Details of the chateau can be seen in the collection from the black and white checkered motif on the chateau floor appearing on the sequined mini-skirts, and, on the long skirt in a fringed geometric tweed patchwork worn with a black and white jacquard sweater.


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