Chanel Spice: Victoria Beckham Brings Back One Of Her Beloved Quilted Bags

wu meijie Date:2021-09-18 17:24:48 From:vogue
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Committed Birkin collector Victoria Beckham dug another classic handbag out of her archive to elevate her back-to-work wardrobe this week. Embracing the September mood in a new uniform – a grey sweater tucked into her brand’s Victoria jean – the designer luxed-up her look with a large vintage Chanel quilted bag. With the gold double C logo in pride of place in her Insta shot – which also gave us a closer look inside VB’s velvet-enrobed studio – her workwear was an exemplar of high-low fashion, and showed that great investments last a lifetime.


Spice Girls fans will recognise the supersized version of the iconic handbag from the late ’00s: Posh’s pixie crop phase, when she was firmly down the road of rebranding herself as a bona fide designer.




Having founded her namesake brand in 2008, she pivoted from carrying the hyper-glam Louis Vuitton and Hermès totes that had defined her WAG days to exquisite rare Chanel numbers that signified she had an eye for timeless style.


As brand Beckham grew and she introduced her own handbags, paparazzi moments became key personal promotion opportunities (name another woman better at the crook of the elbow bag placement), but now and then Victoria continues to pull out an undeniably chic heritage bag from her past.


Beckham, who like all of us, embraced a more low-key approach to styling over the last year, has moved on from her trophy fashion phases and now just wears pieces that work for her – always with a soupçon of luxury.

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