Chanel’s unhappy childhood was the result of her irresponsible father and cowardly mother

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Chanel’s father Albert Chanel was born in a real French family, the ancestors of the family are living on the farming of ordinary farmers. In 1875, a natural disaster struck and shattered the quiet life of The family of Chanel’s grandfather henri Adrien. The drought caused Henry Adrian’s farmland to fail, leaving Henry and his family in dire straits. In order to survive, Henry chose to leave his hometown with his brother and start a new life in a new and strange place.


Industrious Henry Adrian soon found a job on a farm, and the harvest of his love. The farmer’s daughter was attracted to Henry’s spirit of self-improvement and optimistic adventure, and the two fell in love, and Chanel’s father, Albert Chanel, was born.


Albert Chanel did not inherit chanel’s grandfather’s pursuit of stability and ordinary genes, he did not want to spend his life dealing with the land, always wanted to live the same life as the city people. He was born free, unfettered, when he was young wandering around, everywhere, he used a sweet mouth to deceive a lot of ignorant girls, including Chanel’s mother – Jeanne Dewolle.


When Her mother and father, Albert chanel, met in 1880, the unworldly Jeanne DeWaller was soon captivated by Albert’s rhetoric. Soon after, Jeanne Devore became pregnant. This playful love cost the young girl dearly.


Albert Chanel had long since left Jeanne DeWaller for another woman, but in relatively conservative rural France, the girl’s growing rounder belly could not be concealed in any way. Jeanne Devore had to drag her pregnant body from village to village in search of the man she had long missed, with whom she hoped to start a family.




After finding Albert, the irresponsible playboy admitted that Jeanne Devore’s baby was his, but he had no intention of marrying her.


In the face of this situation, the infatuated Jeanne DeWaller had to make a humble concession: she would not marry for the time being, but would live with Albert Chanel and give birth to the child she was expecting.


So, at the age of 17, Jeanne DeWaller endured the glare of others and the great pressure of her family to follow Albert Chanel from place to place. Even so, Albert’s heart remained unmoved. Soon Jeanne DeWaller’s due date arrived, and the irresponsible Albert left her alone in a hospital for the poor and went off to wander the world.


On a hot afternoon in August 1883, Jeanne DeWaller gave birth to a girl in this run-down hospital. That girl was our protagonist, Coco Chanel.


Chanel was born with a poor brand, which also indicates the beginning of the tragedy.


Chanel was born Gabrielle Coco Chanel, but Albert Chanel was not with her when chanel was born, so her frail mother couldn’t get to city hall in time to register the newborn, so she wrote Chanel’s name on a note for a hospital nurse to register it. Careless staff mistakenly spelled Coco Chanel’s last name “Chanel” as “Chasnel,” even though her mother missed it.


Chanel grew up in Saumur, a small town in the Mann-Loire province in the Loire Region of France. In this small town is located in all France and all Europe’s most famous equestrian school — Saumur Equestrian School, so Saumur is also known as the “Equestrian city”.

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