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Clarins — the birth of a legendary brand in the name of plants and love


It’safact。 WithClarins,lifeismorebeautiful。


“I want to combine functional rehabilitation and beauty skills. In other words, I want to build a bridge between medicine and beauty, science and beauty.”


——Jacques Courtin, founder of Clarins.


Jacquescortin, the founder of Clarins brand, started with nothing. With a passion and a lifelong mission of maintaining women’s healthy and beautiful image, jacquescortin devoted himself to paying attention to and studying the efficacy of natural plants and components in nature. In just 50 years, it has opened up a beautiful kingdom between medicine and functional beauty. The background of studying medicine endows Mr. Gooden with a rigorous attitude of scholarship and exploration, and his kind and sincere spirit of ownership gives him three characteristics that deserve the world’s respect:


Listen to women’s needs, put yourself in the shoes of others, be helpful and ask for nothing in return.


“Domore,dobetter,andenjoydoingso。 Do more, do better, and enjoy it. ” This cautious and low-key French beauty Godfather used this motto to spur himself and the people around him to create beautiful miracles one after another.




The birth of Clarins


In the 1950s, a passionate and wise Frenchman was attracted by beauty and created his own brand Clarins. He was Jake Gooden. But different from others, what he pursues is not just the beauty of the skin surface. The experience of studying in medical school strengthened his belief that health and beauty are equally important to women. Jake Gooden realized that he had the ability to make contributions in this field, so he decided to turn from medicine to beauty industry, and insisted on this firm belief for the next 50 years.


In March 1954, at No. 35, Tronchet Road, Paris, Jacques Gooden founded the first Meiyan center in Paris and took the lead in putting forward the concept of plant skin care and body beauty. Since then, he led the CLARINS team to work together to achieve the mission of making women more beautiful. From creating unique massage techniques to insisting on the use of pure plant essence, CLARINS has always been a natural and effective product to satisfy every woman’s biggest dream, so that she can really get what she wants.


Clarins, a classic of plant skin care for more than 50 years


In 1956, Clarins made a breakthrough in developing pure plant essence products, creating a new concept of plant skin care. In 1965, the world’s first pure plant essence care product, -Clarins body care oil, went on sale in Europe.


For more than half a century, Clarins has always used high and new technology to extract raw materials from natural plants, so that the products not only have effective effect, but also have high safety without tolerance. With more than 50 years of plant skin care technology, clarinet has unparalleled strong scientific research strength in the industry. In order to maintain the special efficacy of the selected plants, Clarins uses plant raw materials to collect and cultivate in its natural environment as much as possible. At the same time, in order to continuously innovate, Clarins’s plant expert team has traveled to five continents and traveled all over the world, trying to find more magical and effective plant active ingredients.


With its rigorous R & D attitude, rare and effective plant ingredients and indisputable product efficacy, Clarins has not only won numerous honors in the industry, but also won the recognition of tens of millions of high-end beauty lovers. Since 1980, Clarins has become the leading brand of high-end skin care products in France. In 1990, Clarins became a leader in high-end skin care products in Europe and a model brand of plant skin care with excellent reputation and market performance all over the world.


The growth of Clarins


In France, Clarins is synonymous with “professional beauty products”. Its professionalism has been unanimously affirmed by picky media and beauty industry authorities for many years. Marimon LAFA, former manager of marieclaire group, France’s largest magazine media, once publicly commented: “it’s right to recommend Clarins products. They are both hot and perennial best sellers, which can be called classics. Because each of their products is made by professionals and passed tests again and again. ”


As the first beauty brand in the world to develop 100% pure plant extracted essential oil, clarinet has pioneered plant aromatherapy in one fell swoop. In half a century of beauty exploration, Mr. Jake Gooden led his R & D team to innovate, study bravely, and develop countless beauty secrets hidden behind plants, many of which are innovative patent inventions.


As the first professional high-end skin care brand in the European market, clarinet has a wide range of products, including facial care, body care, sunscreen, fragrance, men’s care and color makeup. Clarins’s red and white logo not only appears in the cosmetics counters of department stores all over the world, but also is the authoritative symbol of the global reputation excellent professional Meiyan beauty center and aromatic nursing center.


Pay attention to the combination of plants and scientific research, constantly innovate and change, and meet women’s skin needs.

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