Different pigmentation is treated separately.

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Whitening is a cause that almost every woman needs to struggle for life, and pink and white beautiful skin is what every woman wants to have. However, the blemishes spots on the face, including not only spots but also the marks left after the acne healing, although they all look dark and dull, the way to remove them is very different. If you don’t understand the spots on your face blindly whitening even if you use the best whitening products will be ineffective. Here’s a look at the 4 different types of spots, and then the right remedy to return your fair and beautiful skin.




Symptoms: They are usually symmetrical in shape, each spot is isolated and not fused into flakes, with pinpoint to bean size, round or oval, smooth surface, and no symptoms when they occur.


Causes: Freckles are small black spots caused by the accumulation of melanin in the skin, mostly caused by sun exposure, and the oxidation of dopamine by ultraviolet light in the skin is transformed into melanin.




Occurrence group: Most of the spots are found on the skin of women who do not have the habit of sun protection, and those who have fine white skin are more likely to get freckles, while the spots are rare in men due to their thicker stratum corneum.

Method: The way to deal with pigmentation is to focus on prevention, and then with whitening and tanning products. To prevent freckles, we have to talk about sun protection, sun protection not only means applying sunscreen, but also playing sunshade, wearing sun hat and other hard protection measures, especially in summer when you often go out, you must always apply high index sunscreen.


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