Dior Brand Introduction

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Dior perfume is a long-established perfume brand that currently has several fragrances. One of the earliest perfumes was launched in 1947.


Christian Dior perfumes can cater to all kinds of women, men and different moods. Christian Dior fragrances are available for women, men and different moods. These fragrances are unexpected, seductive and irresistible, and are also the artistic expression of the perfume manufacturing industry’s magnate, perfume as a beauty cosmetic. It can emit a rich, long-lasting and pleasing fragrance. It can increase the beauty and attractiveness of the user. For the fragrance of the concentrated alcohol solution, the general fragrance content of 10% to 30%, the rest is alcohol. Blending fragrance fragrance is natural fragrance flower net oil and natural animal spices.




Dior makes every thing in its kingdom fully reflect the charm of women. About perfume, Dior had this to say: “Perfume is a door to a whole new world, so I choose to make perfume, even if you stay only a moment next to it, you can feel the charm of my design. Every woman I dress exudes a hazy, seductive elegance, and perfume is an indispensable addition to a woman’s personality, the only way to embellish my clothes and make them perfect. Together with fashion it makes the women style.”


ChristianDior is a famous French luxury brand, born in Normandy, France, Dior’s full name is ChristianDior, the Chinese translation is: Christian Dior, or simply CD. ChristianDior is often referred to as Dior or CD by its favorite fans. “Dior In French, “Dior” is a combination of “God” and “gold”, and gold has since become the most common representative color of the Dior brand. Since its inception in 1947, the eponymous brand, named after Christian Dior, has been synonymous with luxury and elegance. Dior has always been at the top of the fashion pantheon in terms of fashion, cosmetics and other products, inheriting the tradition of French haute couture, with fine craftsmanship, catering to the aesthetic tastes of sophisticated women in high society, and symbolizing the highest spirit of French fashion culture. In addition to high fashion, Christian Dior also deals with perfumes, furs, lingerie, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes and boots, and children’s clothing.


In 1946, Mr. Dior met business tycoon Marcel Boussac by chance and the two of them hit it off immediately. The store was decorated in Dior’s favorite colors of gray and white and in the French Louis XVI style.




In 1947, Dior launched his first collection: a sharply tapered waist that contrasted with the curves of the chest, a calf-length skirt in black wool with detailed pleats, and a delicately trimmed shoulder line that turned everyone’s attention on its head and became known as the “NewLook”, meaning that Dior brought a new look to women. It was called “NewLook”, meaning that Dior brought women a new look. Indeed, Dior rebuilt the beauty of post-war women and established a taste for elegance throughout the 1950s, and it also burned the Christian Dior name into the hearts of women and into the history of 20th century fashion.


On February 12, 1947, a glorious day, Dior opened his first haute couture show and launched his first collection called “NewLook”. The collection had a distinctive style: the skirts were no longer floor-length, emphasizing the curves of women with full breasts and hips, slender waists and soft shoulders, breaking the conservative and archaic lines of post-war women’s wear. This style was a sensation in Paris and throughout the Western world, leaving a deep impression and making Dior famous in the fashion world. When one by one the models appeared in front of them, people could hardly believe their eyes: the long skirts with large round-table hems, the thin waists, the high breasts, and the hats that obliquely covered half of the eyes …… at once made people’s eyes light up, and the ladies sitting in the audience began to feel chagrined and uneasy for the short skirts they were wearing at that time and the eggplant tied to their bodies. They felt chagrined and upset. This was the day Dior became a huge success.


In 1947, the first perfume named “MissDior” was launched, followed by “Diorama” and “Diorissimo”.


Dior Perfume for Women


Soon after, Dior succeeded in taking his first fashion line New Fashion to the other side of the Atlantic – the United States. The news soon spread to New York, where Dior finally took root on Seventh Street, a street known throughout the country, bringing the glamour and color of European fashion to Uncle Sam’s hometown, once cut off from Europe by the war. Dior’s designs were also a break from the Chanel fashions that had been so popular before the war, with their half-brimmed hats and long, rustling skirts that harkened back to a more classic era. This was a new style that Dior emphasized.


Dior made bold use of black in the second issue. Dior named the second phase Dierame, a black pure wool dress with a circumference of 40 meters.


Dior then systematically expanded his business to Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England and other countries. In a few short years, he established a vast business network around the world.


The “vertical look” and the “tulip look” launched in the 1950s were the expression of Dior’s design philosophy of promoting the feminization of fashion.


In 1952, Dior began to relax the curve of the waist and raise the hem of the skirt.


In 1953, it raised the hem of the skirt to 40 cm above the ground, causing an uproar in European society.


In 1954, the “H” shape was designed to reduce the width of the shoulders and increase the hemline of the skirt, and in the same year, the “Y” and “Spindle” collections were released, causing a sensation. These simple and young linear designs still reflect his slim and gorgeous style, and always follow the traditional standards of women.

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