Estee Lauder and Lancome did 8 hard battles, who is the world’s first high-end makeup brand?

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Go Global: Who is the world’s largest high-end brand?


These days, everything depends on data, especially for these two high-end brands, you have to start from the performance level.


The estee Lauder Group’s official website says Leading in Prestige Beauty, and its 25 luxury brands have a combined annual sales of $11.26 billion. In fact, lancome is the world’s largest luxury cosmetics brand.


L ‘Oreal group more than once in the financial statement, Lancome is the world’s largest high-end cosmetics brand, no one. Industry insiders have estimated that the lancome brand’s annual global sales reached 2.3 billion euros in 2014. In addition, lancome brand has maintained a good growth rate in the past two years. Such performance is probably the Estee Lauder brand in the short term cannot exceed.


Estee Lauder


Counter: whose counter has an annual sales of 80 million yuan?


After the overall strength, let’s see who the counter is more powerful. Geographically, Lancome counters are far more visible in The Chinese market than Estee Lauder. On September 5, 2015, lancome announced on its website that it had entered 100 cities in China. The Estee Lauder counter is currently only in 55 cities in China.


In addition to coverage, the available data show that the most successful counters are from The Lancome brand. According to official data released by Lancome, the highest sales record of its offline counter came from a counter in Wuhan Square. This shop of just over 30 square meters generated sales of more than 80 million yuan in 2013, ranking the first in the world of Lancome.


The Lancome counter has been strong for less than a year or two. Data show that in 2003, the total annual sales of Lancome counter in Hangzhou Tower reached 17 million yuan, becoming the largest sales of cosmetics counter at that time. At the same time, Lancome is more competitive in smaller cities. For example, on March 8 this year, a department store in Zunyi, Guizhou province, sold 680,000 yuan of goods, while Estee Lauder’s sales were only 460,000 yuan.


Of course, Estee Lauder is also very powerful. For example, in 2010, the annual sales of Estee Lauder in chengdu Wangfujing Department store reached 65.58 million yuan, while the sales of Lancome in Chengdu Wangfujing Department store in that year were only around 40 million yuan. However, at present, both of them have not reported the sales performance of single container in China, so we do not decide the latest single container first for the time being.


E-commerce: Who’s the best online seller?


After offline, let’s look at online. Estee Lauder online started earlier than Lancome. Estee Lauder has been on Tmall since May 2014. Estee Lauder’s flagship stores have been doing well. According to reports, estee Lauder’s tmall flagship store sold nearly 7 million yuan in just five days after its opening, and the sales of 3 million yuan in the first day were equivalent to the sales of a single counter of the brand in a month at that time. However, when lancome launched its flagship store on Tmall in 2015, the company said it would “build it into the world’s no. 1 store in one to two years.”


What is this concept? According to data released by Lancome, its highest offline counter recorded annual sales of 80 million yuan in wuhan Square in 2013. To build the tmall flagship store into the world’s first, the target should be at least 100 million yuan. According to The data of Star Chart, on The day of Double 11 in 2016, lancome was the only high-end brand among the top 10 cosmetics brands in terms of sales, ranking 5, while Estee Lauder did not make it into the top 10.


Of course, online competition naturally can not only spell tmall, but also look at the sales of the whole network. According to the same data, Lancome outperformed Estee Lauder in sales across seven major online platforms between July 2015 and March 2016. Only in the period of “spokesman incident” did Estee Lauder appear to surpass.


Who’s better, the black bottle or the brown bottle?


Here two star single product small black bottle and small brown bottle are also pinched for many years, but who won? The world’s best known anti-aging product, the little brown bottle line has been a global bestseller for more than 30 years, but lancome only launched its centerpiece, the Lancome Little Black bottle, in 2009. What’s interesting is that the core ingredient in both of the star products is lysozyme, the product of diomyces yeast fermentation, which is the most abundant ingredient besides water. Both brands, however, have unique ingredients: LR2412 for Lancome’s small black bottles, and ergothiamine for Estee Lauder’s small brown bottles. In addition, Estee Lauder adds caffeine to small brown bottles to give them a better skin feel.


From the product technology itself may not be able to open a big gap between the two single products, so we have to see from the sales. In 2010, estee Lauder sold four million brown bottles a year worldwide. In 2012, it sold 4.7 million brown bottles a year, which translates to about three seconds per bottle. In 2015, lancome sold small black bottles in five seconds, according to Cosmetics Daily. While there is no consensus on the time dimension, estee Lauder’s small brown bottle has been selling faster than others for more than 30 years and continues to grow.




Having talked about products and sales, let’s see which of the two brands is most watched by consumers. According to baidu’s Top10 list of cosmetics industry search index, the search index of lancome brand reached 39.71 million in 2016, ranking first in the cosmetics industry; Estee Lauder was second with 35 million searches. In fact, Lancome and Estee Lauder have held the first and second places for three consecutive years since 2014. Although baidu search index is only a dimension, but enough can see that the two are almost evenly matched in attention.


Brand value: estee lauder won?


Said so many subdivided aspects, we can now give the two brands weigh a weigh the overall weight, in the end these two brands are worth how much money? In August 2016, Brand Finance, a well-known Brand evaluation agency in the UK, released the 2016 list of the world’s 50 most valuable beauty brands. In the list, Lancome was valued at $2.682 billion in 2016, 14 globally, up four places from 2015. Interestingly, although The global sales of Lancome are higher than estee Lauder’s, Estee Lauder‘s brand valuation is as high as $4.17 billion, ranking 9th, both ranking and valuation of Lancome higher, it shows that the list is not only based on annual sales.


Spelling dad: Lancome won hands down


This is an era of strength, but also an era of “father”. In the field of cosmetics, the powerful “father” can bring sufficient development space and resources to the sub-brands. As we all know, L ‘Oreal group is the world’s largest cosmetics company, in 2016, L ‘Oreal group’s global annual sales reached 25.84 billion euros, while Estee Lauder group’s global annual sales of 11.26 billion dollars, or lancome’s “father” is relatively “bigger”.


Of course, big, but also willing to spend money. According to their results, L ‘Oreal spends 3.3% of its sales on R&D, with a total annual r&d expenditure of 850 million euros, while Estee Lauder spends a little less on R&D, with a total annual R&D expenditure of 190 million dollars.


Although it is not known how much of L ‘Oreal group’s 6.19 billion yuan was spent on Lancome, we can know that L ‘Oreal Group often has the latest, the most cutting-edge research results are the first to use Lancome, even his own son L ‘Oreal Paris looked at the eyes are hungry. So lancome won the fight.

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