Givenchy and Hepburn’s love: Hepburn never married, after the death of the coffin in person

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In 1954, Audrey Hepburn wore a little black dress with a flat neck and off the shoulder in Sabrina. The dress became a worldwide phenomenon and is still a must-have item for women today. The little black dress was designed by French designer Hubert de Givenchy, who took Hepburn by storm and became lifelong confidants.


Due to the fate


Givenchy designed dresses for many, including Grace Kelly, Mrs. Simpson and Jacqueline Kennedy, but it was Hepburn who matched his designs best. Hepburn was givenchy’s Muse, and for him, his relationship with her was more than designer and client. Their friendship was greater than any couple in the world, but they never became lovers.


Givenchy was born into an aristocratic family in France. His father died when he was three years old, and Givenchy lived with his mother and grandmother. Most people in this aristocratic family chose to be lawyers or doctors, but Givenchy knew from the age of ten that he would be a fashion designer. Paris, the fashion capital, brings together modern men and women from all over the world, and givenchy acquired an eye for beauty. Before graduating from college, he became famous with his fashion shows.


Paris went crazy for Givenchy, and all eyes were on his drawings, wondering how many more surprises this talented designer could bring.


After filming Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn was in hot demand and needed a good designer to create the clothes for her second film. Hepburn went to Paris to talk to Balenciaga, a famous designer at the time, but he was too busy to accept the deal, but Hepburn heard the name Givenchy.


Bosom friend is hard to find


So the desire to find the designer’s female star came to the studio of givenchy, givenchy was surprised the meeting, before there were Hepburn givenchy keen to give the body fat sexy ladies fashion design, thin thin Hepburn does not accord with his aesthetic, he find a few for her casual dress to try on the new customers, Givenchy’s eyes lit up when he saw Hepburn in her dress.


He seemed to understand why his clothes were always missing a little soul. Now he understood that Hepburn was his missing soul and that givenchy’s clothes should be worn by Hepburn.




Hepburn’s elegant and easy temperament seemed to be another Givenchy. In the same way, Hepburn could understand Givenchy’s ultimate pursuit of beauty, because Hepburn was also a person who could appreciate beauty. They soon became the closest friends.


Givenchy, who won an Oscar for best costume design for Sabrina, was so happy to see Hepburn wearing his dress that he told her after breakfast at Tiffany’s: “I would do anything for you.” And he did.


Being a best friend probably always brings love, but does love mean love? It seems not. Hepburn was in love with her boyfriend, MEL Ferrer, when she met Givenchy. As an onlooker, Givenchy had no doubt about their love, but even the best love has its faults. Hepburn became more and more popular, Mayer’s career remained unremarkable, and the gap between the couple grew, leading to their separation.


The marriage lasted for 13 years, 13 years Hepburn received happiness is feeling the pain, but no matter what, and accompanied by a 13 years apart is very difficult test, as a friend, givenchy accompanied Hepburn spent this the hardest period, he accompanied her travel, attend the activities, also give her to design more beautiful clothes, and shoes, accessories, perfume, etc. Hepburn’s life was full of traces of Givenchy.


If this is a cheesy novel, then the story is about to end. The heroine leaves the wrong person and falls in love with the hero. How perfect. Givenchy, however, was not the hero of the story. He was like the dwarf in Snow White, watching the princess fall in love and get married.


A soul mate


After the divorce, out of the hurt Hepburn began a new round of love, this time with the Italian psychologist Andre Dotti, Hepburn soon had the courage to enter the marriage, as a friend, Givenchy was happy for her, he attended Hepburn’s wedding, and personally designed her wedding dress.


But if givenchy had known better, he would have stopped the marriage. Andre is a perfect lover, he is handsome and romantic, but he is too romantic, not suitable for her husband, and she married, Andre is still linger flowers, derailed him several times, her because of her husband’s lace was censored by the media, so the interference, in the end, Hepburn’s second marriage came to an end.


In the end, only Givenchy stayed by Hepburn’s side. Givenchy did not marry, for complicated reasons. It was said that he had a male lover, some said that he was too fond of art to love, others said that he could not seek Hepburn. That last guess may not be true. Givenchy’s love for Hepburn was unquestionable, but some of it may not have been romantic.


Hepburn also loved Givenchy, saying: “There are some people I have loved deeply, and he was the most honest.” Not love, but love.


In the last year of Hepburn’s life, when she planned to return to Switzerland, Givenchy spent a lot of money on a private jet for her, and covered the cabin with her favorite flowers. If not very love, how could it be so hard to make romance for her?


However, the friendship between Givenchy and Hepburn was no match for death. Before she left, Hepburn handed her favorite coat to Givenchy, telling him: “When you feel lonely, put on your coat, it’s like I’m holding you close.” Givenchy carried Hepburn’s coffin on her final journey at her funeral.


Two years after Hepburn’s death, Givenchy announced his retirement. His Muse was gone, and so was his soul. There are many beautiful girls in the world who love Givenchy’s designs, but the most proud work of Givenchy belongs to Hepburn. People regret that they did not become lovers, but their feelings have long been more than love.

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