Guerlain is really good to use these 5 kinds, recovery honey repair shoulders, the royal court orchid is the trump card

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In fact, mention some luxury brands, the public’s first impression is always YSL, Armani and other brands, for Guerlain seem to be a bit strange. One is because Guerlain does not have a large gimmick, so that as a high luxury visibility but not high in the same generation. But then again, visibility does not mean it does not have the strength, in terms of skin care products or cosmetics Guerlain’s attainment does not lose any of its peer brands, just many do not know it really good with these few, then we do not know, as everyone’s homework representative must be introduced to you, these Guerlain really good with skin care products.


Recovery honey


Recovery honey is considered Guerlain’s more famous serum, for those who really love it is almost empty bottle very quickly essence, from the face has done a fascinating, Guerlain in the packaging or did not lose, so for girls is always very attractive. The small golden particles inside are concentrated honey and royal jelly, the main antioxidant and anti-aging, to achieve the skin’s water-oil balance, for firming repair is very effective.


Although it is an oil-like texture, but after pushing out the massage is not oily at all, even if it is oily skin with no burden, so that the skin to keep more hydrated, soft and sticky to create a very good skin effect.


Royal Orchid




The famous Royal Orchid, both moisturizing and anti-aging effects, the fragrance is the series of orchid fragrance, very gentle feeling, but also very thoughtful divided into a nourishing version and refreshing version, the nourishing version will be more suitable for the current season, nourishing anti-aging repair dry lines.


As an anti-aging cream its absorption speed in the same paragraph has been very good, but it this one main anti-aging, for sensitive skin is not particularly friendly, after all is the anti-aging products always ingredients raw some, so sensitive skin or first repair good skin to use.


Guerlain bee double essence


The left is a gel texture, the main is whitening and brightening, smooth skin at the same time keep the skin delicate, and for pore repair also have some help. The right side is a lotion texture, the main anti-aging, firming and lifting and self-healing repair, for muscle repair skin is a great help.


This essence is still the main anti-aging, so for mature skin is very helpful, when we get older, the skin condition will also get worse, then you need to repair and anti-aging at the same time, this one can meet the anti-aging needs of older people.


Gold Diamond Foundation


It is a foundation with a formula that is very close to the recovery honey, so it is a foundation that can be used for makeup and skin care, which is especially helpful for girls with blemished skin or who are worried about frequent makeup injuries to their faces. It is a very good choice for girls with blemished skin or who are concerned about frequent damage to their faces. With a fine powder that looks like moonlight floating on the face, the fine golden light faintly shimmers and the makeup is very attractive.


It is also because the skin care ingredients added a lot, it can perfectly match the base makeup, not easy to card powder and not easy to float powder, the whole makeup will be more natural and smooth, every makeup girl will want to make their makeup more beautiful, right? It is very suitable for girls with very dry skin, and desert skin girls with more than enough.


In fact, Guerlain truly is a treasure skin care brand, good and meet the requirements of the face control, can face is the reason we choose it, do you also want to try it?

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