How to choose Thermage? fotona?

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 16:27:38
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Yesterday Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong came to a century Cosmos stage, so I can’t help but think of Cecilia Cheung! She is really beautiful alone, and gave birth to three children now but mysteriously do not know who the child’s father is, really cattle!


Anti-aging convenience Zhang Bozhi must have a seat, 20 years debut to now, although the birth of three children, but really also too resident face art it!


That ordinary people how to do with the medical beauty to do the face of the art? Try Thermage and fotona~!


Her super tight jawline makes me envious, anti-aging jawline tightening, nothing better than Thermage and Fotona4D, rumor has it that 3 times Fotona4D is equal to 1 time Thermage. The two anti-aging devices are very different in principle, but the ultimate goal is the same.




Many people do not know how to choose thermage or fotona, curry to teach the difference between the two.


1, Thermage is a radio frequency instrument, categorized as photoelectric equipment “electricity” in this category. It is a kind of cluster fractional single-stage circuit radio frequency, so we need to paste a electrode piece in the treatment process, forming a closed circuit.


Through a specific probe to conduct energy to the deeper layers of the skin, producing a relatively high heating temperature. The collagen of our skin will contract immediately when exposed to heat, resulting in a rapid tightening and lifting effect.


2, fotona, also known as Eurostar, is now the latest fotona 4D pro. fotona 4D pro is a laser device that belongs to the “light” category of optoelectronic devices. It has a total of four steps that work on four skin levels, divided into anti-aging and more comprehensive effects.


Of course, both of them have their own characteristics. If you want to have a better anti-aging effect, you can choose to do Thermage once a year, and then add a few treatments of Fotona4D Pro when the best effect starts to fade, so that the combination of cost and pain index is guaranteed.

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