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In winter, when parents need to buy face cream for their babies, they want to look at the ten famous brands of international children’s cream first, and then choose the more famous cream brands for their children. When there are more and more international cream brands in the market, parents are also faced with the choice. Let’s take a look at the international brand list of children’s moisturizing cream.


Ten famous brands of international children’s face cream




As a world-famous skin care brand, Sheba has been focusing on infant skin care and cleaning since its establishment for half a century. Among them, Shi Ba baby moisturizer is the choice of many people, this cream is weak acid, can help the baby skin enhance resistance, and the smell is comfortable, is the choice of many parents.


Bei Qin


Pigeon not only produces baby bottles, nipples and other baby products, its moisturizing cream has super high quality, parents can rest assured that the use of the baby. Pigeon cream is mild formula, it will not stimulate the baby’s skin, but it can keep the baby’s skin moist, glossy and skin friendly.


Johnson & Johnson


world-famous skin care brand


As the world’s most famous infant product company, Johnson has more than 100 years of production of moisturizing cream, cost-effective. Johnson baby milk nourishing cream adds milk essence and glycerin moisturizing factor. It can give skin a long effect of locking water.


Wonderful thoughts


For more than 70 years, miaosle has been focusing on creating high-quality skin care products for infants and young children. Skin care products have natural ingredients and mild formula. Mus Baby Moisturizing Cream is light and thin, adding sweet almond oil and jojoba oil long time moisturizing effect. The use of tallow resin can increase the protective layer on the skin surface, making it more smooth and tender.


Aveeno iveno


Aveeno’s moisturizing cream from the United States also sells very high moisturizing cream. It adds oat ingredients to help skin moisturize. Aveeno aveno natural oatmeal soothing moisturizing cream is made from natural oats, which helps babies strengthen skin barrier.


Ego QV


A brand from Australia, cream is the main feature of no added, pure natural. Ego QV Baby Moisturizing Cream is pure natural, no added products, rich in vitamins, can effectively improve the baby’s skin condition.




A brand made by the French pharmaceutical factory, so its cream is added to the ingredients, which has a better effect on skin red blood and eczema. The most popular one is Boiron Baby Calendula Cream, which is made with natural marigold, rich in vitamins and minerals, and has a healing effect on sensitive skin.




Dexeryl is a brand of yayang, France. It has high national popularity in France, low price and good moisturizing effect. The cream does not contain hormones, contains no other chemicals, and can be used all over the body. Dexeryl baby special moisturizer contains no hormones, moisturizes and moisturizes the skin, and effectively improves the dryness of the skin.


California Baby


High end skin care brands from the United States mainly produce natural skin care products and personal care products for infants and young children. It is also a brand with very good sales in China, especially adding the ingredient of Calendula. California baby cream is added with calendula, aloe vera and vitamin E. Pure plant formula can calm and soothe the skin and moisturize the skin.




Mother and baby skin care brand from Germany, with mild, safe and natural characteristics. It is also well-known in China. It contains sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, avocado fruit fat, olive fruit oil and calendula extract, which can help baby skin moisturize and tender.


The above brands are good, but the specific choice depends on the baby’s needs.

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