Is Helena Rubinstein’s black-and-white bandage worth starting with?

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Helena Rubinstein‘s brand is not as well accepted as Estee Lauder and La Mer. But in recent years, the promotion of various media platforms has been more and more widespread. Many of them have gained much attention. I used HR’s green bottles and eye cream as the first time, and I felt sorry for that fucking great feeling.


1,What’s the difference between black and white bandages?


The white bandage (anti-inflammatory, soothing and repairing) is not as thick as the black bandage. It is suitable for people whose skin is occasionally sensitive and reddish and needs to be repaired. Although the composition is not as high as that of the black bandage due to its high concentration, it adds more anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients than the black bandage, which is very suitable for sensitive muscles.


Black bandage (restoration, anti aging) high concentration of wave causes the black bandage to have strong repair effect and certain anti-aging effect. Its texture is very strong for repairing barrier damage. Barrier damage is not equal to simple sensitivity, so many people think that the black bandage is better than the sea blue mystery. That is, the mystery of sea blue is sensitive and effective for repair, but it is not as good as black bandage for barrier repair. Therefore, the sensitive skin and barrier will be chosen to repair the cream that keeps the distance between the skin and the skin. The black bandage is a good choice.


2,The use method is the key


Take the size of it differs from man to man. The cream is in the palm of the hand. Rub the hands together. You can see that two palm hearts are evenly covered with a layer of white cream and then pressed on the face. White bandage can be applied, black bandage must be pressed!!! Or you’ll rub the mud


 Helena's black-and-white bandage


3,The black-and-white bandage is used for skin feeling


The white bandage feels white and tender immediately after use, which will increase one or two white tenderness, and the texture is relatively soft. The skin looks very good. Of course, if you wash it off, you won’t have this feeling. It’s mainly calm and soothing. It’s OK. The texture is a little thicker than Shiseido’s baiyounong. The soothing effect is similar to lamer


The first night of the black bandage gave me an amazing feeling. At that time, my face peeled and was very rough. After using it all night, my face was tender! And because there is powder added inside, the face is like wiping good night powder, which makes people feel that the immediate effect is particularly good. But insist on using 10 days, no special feeling, and ordinary Anti Aging Cream almost, oil skin I feel not oil, dry skin essence part should choose a high oil content, moisten the essence of the point can be. As for the compact lift, I’ll see it when I finish one bottle. It’s not available now.


4,Is black and white bandage suitable for acne people?


Black and white bandages are not used to remove acne at all. In fact, they have no effect on inflammatory purulent acne. But when you use black-and-white bandages after a wound or squeezing out acne, the next day you may find that scabs will soon form, become smaller and not turn red. Because the strong repair force can accelerate wound healing. For example, my peeling face will turn red, and the redness will be obvious. However, if the acne muscle wants to start, this treatment is not advisable and is not symptomatic.


Overall, I don’t think it’s amazing or special. Maybe I use it for a short time. I feel that there is not much difference between other brands of anti aging cream at the same price. I will stick to it and see if other effects have changed.

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