Is Lancome’s skin care products good? I think the big pink water “stepped on the mine”

wu meijie Date:2021-09-27 10:52:06
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The actual fact is that I’m not very fond of big brand products, but I just can’t resist the temptation to look at the recommendations of various beauty bloggers, and I can’t stand it, whether there are girls like me.


I can’t stand the temptation of major anchors, not only to the product introduction is clear, the guy to the price of the whole is also quite a good deal, there are gifts to send, which can not withstand such temptation ah, so, run to the big brand, run to the discount, buy back a bunch of luxury goods, in these luxury products, including Lancome products, I want to know, Lancome its skin care products really good? How do I feel that I stepped on a mine of big pink water?


Why say so, first of all, I think this Lancome big pink water wind is too big, so that I think, I do not buy a bottle of big pink water, I am not a woman, so serious, but buy back, really make people very sad, first from the material, the bottle material, it gives a very poor quality feeling.




If you don’t see the Lancome family label, I thought I bought a product, and Lancome big pink water taste is not very good, excessive fragrance, I don’t know how others feel, I still can’t accept the taste, pungent taste, and then say the efficacy, said deep hydration, efficient moisturizing, not boring acne, and suitable for all skin types.


I’m a little angry about this, I’m a dry skin, I’m a person who never had acne, no matter what cosmetics are used, have not had acne, but the big pink water did, and rubbed on the face, greasy feeling, personal feeling experience is extremely poor, so that I am not very interested in their skin care products.


Perhaps ah, I am really not suitable for the big pink water, but perhaps, is the product really did not reach the major netizens, major bloggers, said so good, we do not entangle, so that friends, we buy what before, must not just listen to others say how good, and do not be keen on what big brand not big brand, suitable for their own good.

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