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Brand Story


This national treasure of French cosmetics brand was founded in 1935 and has been around for 80 years. Since its inception, a budding rose has been the brand’s trademark. During the 80 years, Lancôme has practiced its unique brand concept to promise beauty to women all over the world, bringing beauty and dreams to countless beauty loving women.


Many people say that the birth of Lancôme began with a magnificent dream of the makeup master Armand Petitjean. At the beginning of the dream, a field of roses was spread thickly, and the red of the roses with the elegant fragrance spread into an exquisite performance.




Lancôme perfume, when the fragrance leaked into the dream


Armand Petitjean, who has always had a passion for fragrance, chose to use perfume to start his dream of perfection. In 1935, he dared to create the Lancôme brand by extracting inspiration from five famous fragrances. The move may seem arrogant, but it fits extremely well with Armand Petitjean’s identity as the father of luxury perfumery in the 20th century. Later on, Lancôme launched the Oceane product line (1955), the concept of which is still in use today: that is, the formula contains very pure seaweed, complemented by seaweed and marked elements.


Lancôme skincare, the dream is beauty in dance


Lancôme realizes the dream of all women through continuous scientific research: the quest for lasting beauty. 1936 saw the launch of Lancôme’s famous skincare line NUTRIX, a product whose nourishing and energizing formulas are used to this day and endure to this day. Later, in 1955, Lancôme launched a new skincare line, the Océane line, which contains the ultimate purity of seaweed extracts, a unique and innovative technology that has spread the brand’s scientific reputation around the world.


Lancôme make-up, playing the glamour of dreams


Lancôme has created Rose de France, a pink lipstick scented with Bulgarian wild rose, with a unique love for women. With 18 different colors and a seductive fragrance, this lipstick is a jewel of art, a jewel in the world of makeup.

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