Lancome is really good to use these 4, lancome powder water is not, ark sister will not tell you

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As a luxury skin care brand from France, Lancome must be very familiar to girls who often take care of their skin. Whether it is skin care products or makeup, it is mixed with the wind. And a wide range of coverage, a lot of girls are because powder water know this brand, but in fact in addition to this product, Lancome have a lot of classic products, among the girls of good reputation is actually jing pure series, and really worth trying is this kind of general ark sister will not tell you.


Lancome Cyanine pure liquid foundation


Lancome cyanine pure series is very good, cyanine pure foundation liquid in the big brand bottom makeup is also ranked on the number. This foundation contains 5% restorative essence, so it will also nourish the skin while applying makeup. When daub, the biggest feeling resembles using essence liquid, because its quality of a material is very water embellish and light, belong to the property of liquid foundation, fluidity is very good, not the type of powder frost.


Concealer strength is not so good, but the concealer effect is medium, coated with a layer of liquid foundation, then coated with a layer of concealer cream, completely won’t have a thick makeup. As a liquid foundation, it has a really good staying power and can be worn all day without any signs of peeling off. At the same time, because it contains essence ingredients, so when removing makeup every day, you will not feel your skin is particularly dark yellow dark heavy, on the contrary, it is a smooth and moist state, which should be clearly different from other foundation liquid.




Lancome lipsticks


The “lucky color” 196 should be one of the hottest colors this fall/winter. Of course, the color is more than 196, and this year’s new 505 is also a yellow skin, white one. Lancome lipsticks are definitely on the top of the list in terms of packaging, moisture, color and feel. Lancome lipstick has three textures: satin, velvet and silky. The texture is very smooth on the mouth. Velvet lipstick has a slightly matte texture, but it does not affect the use feeling.


And this series of lipsticks has added special skin care ingredients, so it’s still moisturizing enough. Then there is the color number. The color of Lancome is not very different from the picture. There are 36 kinds of color, which can fully meet the needs of different girls. For instance lancome 196 velvet quality of a material, slant orange besmead is shown on the mouth white, show temperament again, do not break vigor feeling in mature, suit a few formal occasions especially, liu Tao is used when Spring Festival Gala is this kind of color number, see it not hard how popular.


Lancome Cyanine Pure face cream


Anti – aging cream Lancome Cyanine pure still does a good job, for women over the age of 30 skin problems, anti – oxidant nourishing effect is very obvious. It contains 50 times the concentration of rose essence, so it can not only nourish the skin, but also allow girls to enjoy the process of skin care to the greatest extent. It’s most popular for its soft waxy and glossy look, and it’s made with great care. The famous bosein will plump and firm the skin.


The texture is soft and waxy, sort of creamy, and very light. Besmear is absorbed very quickly in the skin on the face, after the skin is absorbed, can feel very soft, and when it besmear is on the face, can smell a few advanced flower fragrance, the fragrance of taste elegant, very advanced.


Little black bottle lancome


The lancome black bottle is also the star product of the Lancome series, and the most important thing is that its skin beauty effect is really laudable. Its biggest effect is to moisturize, resist aging, maintain stability and repair the skin, especially suitable for some seasonal skin unstable use. Because it does not contain essence inside, do not have what fragrance so, but be not very obvious fight old, just stay up late to often the girl with rough skin is appropriate.


The design of the dropper is convenient to use, the texture is relatively fresh, do not worry about the greasy situation when using, and the skin absorbs quickly. After absorption, you will feel that your skin is the feeling of egg white, adhere to the use of a period of time will obviously find the skin state, become more stable.


As a well-known brand, Lancome covers a wide range of skin care products. For girls who often take care of their skin, it is inevitable that they will choose some. But the girl’s skin will be different, when choosing or carefully selected, lancome these several are from the effect or ingredients are pretty careful, like powder water is just the basis, after all, some things cupboard sister will not tell you.

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