Make-up is a mysterious fantasy adventure, CPB skin key fairy tale wind joint

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In collaboration with Roman artist Daria Petrilli , Clé de Peau Beauté Skin Key, a famous Japanese skin care and beauty brand, has launched this year’s holiday limited collection. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the collection is filled with the fantasy of Wonderland from the packaging to the print. The unique use of color and the artistic conception of the sense of fairy tale create a mysterious and dreamy “Alice in Wonderland”.


This series includes lip balm, highlight stick, powder powder, eye shadow plate and face cream 5 products, carton packaging with green as the main tone, printed with rabbit, flamingo and playing cards and other patterns, gorgeous dream and with the flavor of retro.


Alice in Wonderland limited edition powdered powder




The paper box of the powder cake is a lovely rabbit in the river bank and grassland, with some flamingoes and fluttering butterflies. Through the heart shape of the shell, you can see a girl smiling in the powder compact inside. And powder box is the girl that butterfly is taking a smile around the face, different from lovely outer box, powder box gives a person a kind of elegant wash practice feeling, honey powder cake itself besides can bring bright skin besides, also can modify the texture of skin, let bottom makeup become more bright and meticulous.


Alice in Wonderland limited edition lipstick


Alice’s limited lipstick shell is pink, metal tube body plus small fresh green diamond pattern, very delicate, full of fairy tale atmosphere. The two colors of the lip balm are purple pink and nude color of earthen orange tone respectively, which maintain the moist degree and enhance the color display and ductility. The petal-like paste, with the use of new optical technology, highlights the outline and internal light function, and improves the luster while diluting the lip lines.


Alice in Wonderland limited edition 4 color eyeshadow tray


The paper box is printed with a flamingo by the river, and a closed eye can be seen through the hollow square. The shell of eye shadow is like the appearance that a girl lies down by the river to take a rest. The color of eye shadow is relatively cold, composed of pink, silver gray, blue and dark gray, which can present a dreamy and hazy makeup sense. Powder design is also poker hearts, spades, diamonds, plum blossom printing, very delicate. Eyeshadow powder soft waxy, water moistening ingredients, long – term moisturizing, comfort and color are very good.


Alice in Wonderland Limited edition highlight stick


Limited new highlight stick for topical use on the face. There is a girl painted on the red shell, and when the lid is opened, it is also a metal tube body with a small fresh green diamond shape, which is very beautiful. This limited concealer shine stick has a good fit, enough moisture to avoid flaky powder, and is said to be long-lasting.


Alice in Wonderland limited edition gold cream


Skin Key’s ace cream contains more than 50 essential ingredients for overnight repair and emergency repair of damaged and flushed skin, leaving the skin looking perfectly rejuvenated the next day. From the packaging to the pot itself, the pink diamond design is a beautiful jewel for the dressing table! Besides protect wet and the effect that adjust skin texture, the ingredient of officinalwhitening still added in milk frost, qiu Dong white relies on it ok.


CPB this limited series can be said to stable station in the new appearance level C!

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