Mr. Dior: the public enemy of waistless women all over the world

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The creamy white waist pinch top outlines the slender upper body curve, the open mouth of the wide black pleated skirt sways with the pace, and the flower crown-like long skirt ruffles in layers, elegant and charming. The black velvet gloves, white high heels just right, the collision of pure white and pure black, both retro and modern, women exude the elegance between the hands and feet, in that light turn, dancing skirt between the embodiment of the best.


The designer of this fashion is Christian Dior, one of the most famous designers of modern times and the founder of the famous French luxury brand Dior, who is also a dream maker in the fashion world.


The clothes designed by Mr. Dior are synonymous with elegance. He always saw the most beautiful things in nature and art, and his unique vision and refined taste are closely related to his experiences in his youth.


“Apart from women, flowers are the most sacred creatures of the Creator”


Dior was born in 1905 in the beautiful seaside town of Grangeville near Normandy, France, to a family of merchants who were known at the time as high society, and his mother, Madeleine, was a gentle and elegant high society lady. As a child, Dior was carefree and nurtured by his chic and elegant mother, who loved all things beautiful. Dior’s love of flowers, lily of the valley, peony pink, forget-me-not… all became the inspiration for his future designs.


Unlike his appearance, Dior was a romantic Parisian man at heart. He was shy and unsociable, but his delicate face hid a keen, pure heart. He had a love of art and architecture that surpassed all others, and it was his love of beauty that brought him into contact with art and laid the groundwork for him to become a renowned designer in the future.




Dior’s life was very difficult, but purely beautiful. Dior’s love for art was not supported by his parents, so he obeyed them and went to the Paris Institute of Political Science; he was able to persuade his father to fund a gallery, but his father went bankrupt and the gallery closed down; he was displaced and had no place to live, and Dior even got tuberculosis at one time; he was able to get the opportunity to study dressmaking at a famous school, but World War II broke out here, and Dior had to flee Paris with his family. The first half of Mr. Dior’s life was a sorrowful one.


The first half of Mr. Dior’s life is a sad one.


After the end of the war, Mr. Dior returned to Paris at the end of his life and had to start all over again. The first of these is the first time that a woman has ever been buried.


“My dream is to make women happier and more beautiful.”


Dior was born to be a designer, and in 1947, at the age of 42, Mr. Dior launched his first collection of clothes in the Dior boutique, the Corolla Dress Collection, which reproduced the 19th century trend of sloping shoulders, waist-cinching, and wide skirts with sufficient materials. The whole of Paris was shocked when 90 models appeared in front of the crowd wearing waist-hugging jackets and wide skirts in the shape of “8”.


In 1947, just after the Second World War, Europe was full of destruction and ruins. In such a time of scarcity, something inspirational was urgently needed, and Dior, with its unique vision, revolutionarily recreated the elements of waist-cinching, sloping shoulders and wide skirts that were popular in the 19th century, reminding people of the once prosperous and gorgeous Paris.


Carmel Snow, the editor-in-chief of the American edition of Bazaar, said to him: “Dear Christian, this is a new look, your work is refreshing and wonderful”. Dior became famous. To this day, the influence of the “New Look” is unmatched.


“I have to admit, clothes are my life. Everything I know, see and hear, every aspect of my life, eventually turns into a design. They linger in my mind from long until I bring them out of my dream world and turn them into something physical.”


Dior’s fame and talent also shocked the royal family, with royal queens and princesses flocking to become fans of Dior haute couture. The fashion benchmark of the British royal family at that time, Princess Margaret, the real sister of the current Queen Elizabeth II and the prototype of “Roman Holiday”, was attracted by Dior’s talent and wore the couture designed for her by Mr. Dior to various parties and ceremonies, and her closet was almost stuffed with the couture designed for her by Mr. Dior.


During his 10 years of hard work in the fashion industry, Mr. Dior’s innovations were endless and he was always at the forefront of fashion trends. Dior introduced asymmetrical hemlines, designed vertical “H” shaped garments without the corseted waist, and revolutionized the hemline by raising it to 40 cm above the ground. Mr. Dior’s revolutionary designs rebuilt the beauty of post-war women, established the taste for high elegance throughout the 1950s, and brought about a refreshing change in Parisian women’s fashion from the whole to the details.


In addition, Dior was a revolutionary who was the first to propose updating fashion trends according to the seasons, which is the origin of the current brand launch, the expansion of product lines under the Dior brand, and was the first to introduce the licensing mechanism. His vision created a sales miracle in the fashion world, reviving Parisian fashion as the center of European trends. Mr. Dior’s contribution to the development of society went far beyond his status as a designer, becoming the first fashion designer to appear on the cover of Time magazine in 1957.


“I design clothes for floral women, with rounded shoulders, feminine bosoms, voluminous waists and voluminous skirts. Only exquisite skills can design elegant looks.”


Haute couture has long been a model of fashion, and Dior was the pinnacle of haute couture luxury in the 1950s. Dior’s womenswear was always elegant and graceful, and he had a passion for the theme of “love”, often using the words “Amour”, “Amoureuse”, or “Puits”. “Amour”, “Amoureuse”, or “Puits D’Amour” to name his couture dresses. In his designs, you can see Mr. Dior’s craftsmanship in using all the most beautiful fabrics in this world to decorate women, stitch by stitch.


It has been said that Mr. Christian Dior is the natural enemy of waistless women all over the world, that is because Mr. Dior designs clothes for the most elegant women.


The glorious decade is also a short one. On October 24, 1957, Mr. Dior died suddenly in his garden, and a generation of masters fell.


Mr. Dior and his high-end custom dress


The “A” shape skirt is outlined with elegant and simple lines.


“I don’t like fashion, it’s just a gimmick for the sake of design.”


Dior, who left Mr. Dior, has not forgotten its character. Dior, under the inheritance of a generation of artisan designers, has always adhered to the elegant and meticulous character, and interpreted the most elegant fashion with excellent traditional craftsmanship. In designing each season’s collection, designers bring rigor and dreamy color creation to the forefront, interpreting Mr. Dior’s design philosophy: elegance, excellence, femininity and full of dreamy colors, which is also Mr. Dior’s wish: to always create more beautiful women.


In today’s constantly changing fashion, adding gimmicks to fashion has become the usual technique of who is who, hunting and daring seems to be able to easily win a round of applause. Today’s Dior may not seem to follow the trend, or be criticized for not being innovative, but the noble elegance rooted in the Dior brand, is not easy to go with the flow, only time will verify that the classics never fade.

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