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NARS is an American professional makeup brand founded by French makeup master franxois NARS from the fashion industry in 1994. It uses the most classic black and personalized logo to express the brand’s minimalist spirit. Born in a fashion stage background, it is quite fashionable in color, creativity, color display, and even the packaging of the product cabinet. Company: Shiseido


Brand story


NARS’s product naming faithfully presents the spirit of “fun and unrestricted” of the brand and completely maintains the unique personal characteristics of franxois NARS. Because he has a wide range of enthusiasm and interests in things, he can bring unlimited inspiration to franxois NARS from the titles of American classic films and foreign films, tourism, art, cooking and culture. For example, his second hometown “South Pacific”, the city where he studied makeup “Paris”, the birthplace of NARS brand “New York”, and the idea of spring makeup inspiration actually comes from the film “Shanghai Lily”, which can be transformed into product names! On the outer package, NARS makeup and skin care series fully show the style of NARS products: classic, modern, noble and elegant. The foggy black appearance designed by Fabien Baron, a design genius, for NARS makeup also caused a fashion trend of minimalist design in the cosmetics industry. It can be seen that NARS is original and irreplaceable.


In addition to the classic fashion status of color cosmetics, NARS maintenance products are also unique. Brand leader franxois NARS has always believed that having good skin is the first step towards beauty. In order to help the skin return to its normal state of health, the NARS skin care product series uses Shiseido laboratory technology to create a series of exclusive pure plant essence maintenance products for women. With special emphasis on gentle conditioning, it can make the skin present a healthy style of natural luster and achieve the mission of perfect skin quality and beauty both inside and outside.




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French makeup master Fran ç OIS NARS’s makeup philosophy is anti-traditional. He encourages women to try bravely and learn how to show natural beauty and personal style in the process of enjoying the fun of makeup. Fran ç OIS firmly believes that there is no invariable law of beauty. “As long as you look happy and comfortable, that’s good,” he said The charm of NARS lies in its irresistible real characteristics: charm, self-confidence, fashion and avant-garde. Whether you need fashion accessories, a pleasure with guilt, or a full set of makeup products, NARS can meet your infinite imagination needs and all kinds of occasions.


“The pursuit of beauty has no limits and no regular boundaries”, which is the spirit of NARS in pursuit of beauty, making everyone rich in thousands of customs and faces. Francois NARS’ irresistible temptation is fully reflected in NARS’ spirit and future life style. NARS product naming is just like the spirit of “fun and unrestricted” of the brand. The innovative naming method of NARS makeup products, from colorful colors to innovative packaging, completely reflects Fran ç OIS NARS’s unique creativity and imagination. Fran ç OIS has always maintained a unique personalized feature in product naming. His enthusiasm and interest in things are very extensive: Fran ç OIS has unlimited inspiration from American classic film titles and foreign films, tourism, art, cooking, culture and life. For example, his second hometown, “South Pacific”, the city where he studied makeup, “Paris”, the birthplace of NARS brand, “New York”, and the film “Shanghai Lily” inspired by makeup in spring and summer of 2008, etc.


Many products in NARS makeup series also reflect his diverse personal creativity and interests, but it is impossible to fully express the characteristics of the product itself only by literal meaning. Let’s enjoy learning Fran ç OIS’s appreciation and experience of people, things and things, which will continue to shape his future life.

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