New Lancome essence, Pioneer Technology overturns traditional anti aging, opens a new chapter in luxury skin care.

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Since 1965, Lancome Jingchun series has always been a model of French ingenuity and luxury skin care products. Using pioneer technology to condense and extract natural and exquisite creations, extract perfect active ingredients, supplemented by formula art, so as to meet the needs of women’s luxury skin care all over the world.


Today, Lancome Jingchun is moving towards a new scientific frontier, deeply studying cell longevity technology, fighting aging from the molecular level, and redefining the standard of a new generation of high-end skin care. In August 2021, Lancome launched the brand new essence of Lancome essence, adhering to the pure series of craftsmanship and consistent concept of luxury skin care, pioneers technology to subvert traditional anti-aging, and open a new chapter in luxury skin care.


New Lancome essence


In order to bring extraordinary anti aging products to women of all ages, Lancome laboratories devote great efforts to the study of natural wonders: the four seasons bloom, the extraordinary activity of pure and pure roses. ™。 Abandon the traditional process and use the pioneer supercritical extraction technology to condense and extract Yongsheng rose ™, Make the skin fresh, full and firm!


Cell longevity technology is committed to prolonging human life and maintaining young skin. This cutting-edge technology has attracted the attention of experts all over the world.


The systematic research on human longevity stems from the in-depth understanding of the molecular aging process. In essence, aging is the decline of cell activity.? With age, cell activity decreases and signs of aging accumulate, further accelerating cell dysfunction, resulting in irreversible damage to the balance of the human body. The damage at the cellular level continues to accumulate, resulting in the decline of human function and obvious signs of skin aging.


Lancome essence


Behind aging, what causes the decline of cell activity?


80% of the factors leading to aging come from lifestyle and 20% from heredity. From the age of 20 to 40, we can reduce the impact of aging by using sunscreen, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reducing psychological pressure and other lifestyle persistence and efforts, so as to help our skin maintain youth and vitality. But with age, the skin will inevitably become dark and loose. Lancome’s major breakthrough in the field of cell longevity technology enables us to resist obvious signs of aging, stimulate cell activity and last for a long time.


AMPK cell activity switch: Breakthrough finding in skin aging research


Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped, but corresponding measures can be taken to slow down the speed of aging. Cell longevity technology is the core science to deal with human aging. In this unprecedented scientific breakthrough, Lancome first found the effect of AMPK factor on lasting and young skin. In search of a solution, Lancome concentrated on skin anti-aging technology, and discovered the AMPK factor, called adenosine activated protein kinase, which is what scientists call the cell activity switch. It is found that AMPK factor exists in every cell of the human body and controls many key youth pathways. Once opened, the skin can regain full energy, rejuvenate and strengthen the ability to resist a variety of external aging attacks.


However, with the increase of age, the level of human AMPK factor decreases, and the ability to resist aging will also decrease. Thus, activating AMPK activity and reducing functional decline are the key to keeping skin young.


AMPK factor: the main switch of cell activity to keep cells young forever


1,Accelerate skin rejuvenation: activate AMPK factor to activate cell energy metabolism and accelerate skin rejuvenation.


2,Strengthen skin barrier: the increase of AMPK activity can more effectively stimulate the formation of keratinocytes and the degradation of mitochondria and nuclei.


3,Enhance skin defense: the activation of AMPK activity can strengthen the ability of cells to resist oxidative free radicals, so as to reduce the damage of external invasion to cells.

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