One kind of love was givenchy’s love for Hepburn

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People always say that there is a kind of love is givenchy’s love for Hepburn, indeed, that beyond love and affection, and the lifelong companionship is simply a romantic model. It is also because of their story that “Givenchy” has become a synonym for “romance” and “elegance”. This brand, which is about to enter its 70th year, has gone through the baptism of years and is not what it was before. Today, let us walk into the back of Givenchy brand together.


In 1927, another “chosen one” with all the background, talent and beauty was born: Givenchy. The so-called genius is always different from other people, in their life, those decisive moments are so easy and incredible, the influence of family let Givenchy from an early age to show artistic talent, at the age of 10, after visiting the Paris World fair clothing hall, he decided to become a fashion designer.


In 1952, Givenchy officially launched his own studio, and soon launched a readymade collection with the name of The French model Bettina Grazia, who in some ways opened a new door for givenchy. Later, the suave gentleman of fashion began his journey into “4G,” not the mobile data networks we use today, but the Givenchy logo, Gnteel, Grace, Gaiety and Mr. Givenchy’s personal charm. Givenchy’s logo is also a classic case in the history of design.




From the 1950s to the 1990s, the story of Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy, a fashion designer, became both romantic and elegant. The little black dress, the custom-made white wedding dress, he and she, always together, always apart.


In 1957, Givenchy developed a perfume for Audrey Hepburn, called “Taboo”, which was givenchy’s first bottle of perfume, “classic, elegant, noble, atmospheric”, givenchy all women’s perfume seems to be based on the embodiment of Hepburn. Thus, Givenchy brand also formally entered the perfume industry, and successively launched men’s perfume and children’s perfume.


In 1988, givenchy transferred his business to Louis for financial reasons. LVMH group, but remained as the chief designer of the “French Givenchy Design House” until his retirement in 1995. In fact, ever since it was sold to Louis Vuitton, givenchy and Mr Givenchy have been estranged.


Throughout the ’90s, Givenchy struggled with embarrassment, whether in makeup, skin care or fashion. Until the new makeup creative director Nicolas Degennes with “no rules, no restrictions” color concept, combined with color light technology breakthrough taboo, give the brand dazzling new life, 4G mark became a modern representative again. At the same time, under the research and development of Givenchy Spa, which mainly serves luxury hotels and top beauty centers, the skin care series began to take the high-tech medical beauty route, and gained the attention of the industry again.


Riccardo Tisci, the Italian designer who took over Givenchy in 2005 and transformed it from Hepburn’s elegant little black dress to the “Lord of Darkness”, has left the brand after 12 years.


Today, Givenchy has a wide range of businesses, including men’s and women’s wear, sportswear, sporting goods, perfume, glasses, accessories, and more. But that “elegance” is long gone.


On August 12, 2019, following in the footsteps of Versace and Coach, Givenchy made a similar mistake by displaying Hong Kong and Taiwan alongside other countries on their t-shirts. On the same day, TFBOYS ‘yi Qianxi studio issued a statement to stop all cooperation with Givenchy. In the afternoon, givenchy issued an apology for a mistake in its printed T-shirts in overseas markets that drew attention.


From elegant to absurd, the givenchy-Hepburn saga is destined to last forever, but how far can givenchy rely on its aura? No one knows. Hopefully, good luck.

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