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When it comes to fresh and elegant perfume, our first response is to aquatic tone, floral tone, a light wafting fragrance to refresh people, but also with the taste of a woman with powder, must be a must-have bottle. The first thing you need to do is to get into the subject.


Chanel Gabrielle


Chanel this perfume is to commemorate the grandmother of the fragrance, high-quality spices and white flowers, light floral fragrance given by the independent personality of the atmosphere, personality and femininity.


Hermes Garden of the Nile


The freshness of the water lily flavor unique to the Nile Garden has long been called unforgettable, like a quiet woman, quietly experiencing the exquisite life.


Bulgari Pink Crystal


Fresh and light girl sense of vitality, grapefruit refreshing and eggplant, Tiare flowers The fragrance of clean and unmoving white flowers to create the charm of the so-called standing can attract people.


Bulgari Pink Crystal


Dior True Heart Delight


This is a perfume of infinite love for life, fall in love with white flowers and peach, through the taste of the sea breeze Xi came, gently elegant, as the dancing butterfly fairy, elegant jasmine, fresh Madagascar ylang-ylang, light and elegant.


Zumalong Blue Tumbleweed


Light and lively blue bluebells is the favorite perfume of many fairies, blue bluebells with a rich floral fragrance and green sense of grass, as in a dreamy fairyland, wandering in the world of fairy tales.


Artisan Flower Field


When the air is quiet, everything revives in spring. It is quiet and beautiful to see the flowers blooming in the far flower fields and smell the fragrance of lily of the valley and jasmine. The pink perfume bottle is also lovely to look at.


Dolce & Gabbana Rose Palm Bamboo


The fragrance of rose and water lily’s refreshing aroma, creating the taste of a rose garden, a fresh sense of moisture, as if the flowers are covered with dew, fresh and elegant little lady.


Byredo Floral Sequence


The feeling of an old medieval castle garden after the rain, wearing a gothic dress and enjoying the landscape with dew after the rain.


The garden is planted with red flowers and white flowers, fresh and elegant after the rain with the sense of moisture of dew drops and the fresh green of green leaves and the fragrant scent of roses, freesia, lily of the valley, jasmine and magnolia.


Issey Miyake Ikebana


The flower of a lifetime reveals a refreshing and soft scent. The top notes of water lily and rose will be fresh and not sweet; the middle notes of peony, peony bloom out of the woman’s delicate air, the overall fragrance is further sublimated; the base notes are also dominated by flowers, with a strong aftertaste. Good continuity of floral fragrance, constantly sublimated, the overall unity. The later the flavor triggers the feeling of more delicate and soft, the feeling of the noble lady.


Tiffany Diamond of the same name


Top note refreshing citrus scent, sweet but not cloying, the first smell of taste, as if the orange burst, the pleasure of juice out.


The middle note of rich iris, simple and bright, elegant and exquisite. Rich with the scent of young women.


With the passage of time, slowly into the end stage, the taste of quiet and empty, the base note of musk and patchouli to stabilize the front of the floral fragrance, so that the taste into and animal fragrance and woody flavor, the atmosphere and calm.

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