Royal Women’s favorite perfume

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The fashion and beauty tips of royal family members are hot topics for discussion! Here are 9 Royal Women’s favorite perfume, including Princess Diana, Princess Kate, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, Queen Letizia of Spain. There are wedding bride’s perfume recommended by the wedding, and the princess’s daily love and fragrance. Each one smells exquisite and luxurious. Let’s have a look!


Princess Diana: Houbigant quelques Fleurs


Princess Diana used the Quelques Fleurs perfume at the 1981 wedding in the century. It blended sweet rose, jasmine and Lily. It was a sweet and fresh fragrance, and the fragrance of the flowers made Diana more feminine. This bottle of perfume has an interesting interlude. On the wedding day, Diana accidentally sprinkled the whole pot of perfume on the tuxedo.


Princess Kate: Illuminum White Gardenia petal perfume


The royal wedding has always been gorgeous and exquisite, and even the fragrance will be specially selected. Kate Princess picked this Illuminum White Gardenia petal perfume at her wedding. It is also one of her favorite fragrances. She mixed the lilies, lemons and gooseberry leaves with the fragrance of jasmine and gardenia, and finally added wooden scent, elegance and smell. It’s a good choice for wedding perfume.


Megan: Jo Malone Blue Wind Chime


Megan shared her everyday Perfume: JO MALONE blue wind chimes, fresh and pleasant fragrance, emitting natural blue wind chimes, jasmine, orange blossoms and other flower fragrance, low-key skin, light fragrance and fragrance, and also being regarded as the best date perfume by fragrance.


Queen Elizabeth S: FLORIS cool Rose Eau De Toilette


Queen Elizabeth II loves this Floris refreshing rose. Floris has always been a royal fragrance. This is a carnation with iris, rose, jasmine, violet and musk, presenting a romantic floral tone.


Princess Margaret: Oscar De La Renta Volupte stunning Eau De Toilette


Royal Women's favorite perfume


Princess Margaret’s sister, Princess Volupte Oscar de la Renta, is a fragrance with Oriental scent, blended with carnations, Yilan, jasmine’s fragrance, fruit aroma and wood fragrance, which make the fragrance more layered and charming.


Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco: CREED Fleurissimo flower fragrance


Grace Kelly, the most beautiful princess in Monaco, wipes the Creed Fleurissimo fragrance in her wedding. It is a special fragrance made by Creed for royal wedding. It has the fragrance of fingered citrus, iris and Bulgaria roses. It smells romantic and happy.


Princess Caroline of Monaco: Annick Goutal indulged in Gardenia Eau De Toilette


Princess Caroline of Monaco, like her mother Grace Kelly, likes the faint fragrance of flowers. Annick Goutal Passionn is love with jasmine, Eau De Toilette, jasmine, tuberous jasmine, Yilan, vanilla. This can of elegant flower fragrance is also described as the most advanced fragrance!


Princess Charlotte of Monaco: Gucci flora fragrance


Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, the granddaughter of Princess Grace Kell, has always been a favorite in the fashion industry. She once endorsed the fragrance of flora series for Gucci, which is a sweet and fresh garden atmosphere.


Queen Letizia of Spain: Lancome Tresor bright feminine fragrance


Spain’s first civilian queen Letizia is also highly regarded as a fashionable and fashionable woman. She wears Lancome perfume and luxehome fragrance. She has a sweet fruit flavour in her floral fragrance, and adds honey peach, almond, bergamot and rose to her luxurious and restrained temperament.

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