Send girls perfume you can not avoid 4 choices, Versace Pink Diamond smells good and lasting, black opium is too sweet and greasy

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Send girls perfume you can not avoid  choices, Versace Pink Diamond smells good and lasting, black opium is too sweet and greasy


We recommend several perfumes that almost all girls love, including Versace Pink Diamond smells good and long-lasting, Black Opium is called the “chopping fragrance”, too sweet it! Let’s take a look at what’s out there, hope to provide you with a good reference.


Versace Pink Diamond Perfume


Versace’s pink diamond perfume can be said to be a series of blind selection without stepping on mines, really suitable for girls of all ages to use. The first thing from the face, is definitely attractive enough, pink packaging, perfume is also light pink, the biggest highlight is its bottle cap, using a diamond-like crystal clear design, looks really very atmospheric. This perfume it uses the top notes of grapefruit and pomegranate, smell is most girls will like the light floral, middle notes of magnolia, peony and lotus, the end notes is amber, mahogany and musk. The smell is really nice, neither harsh nor heavy smell, smell is very gentle and elegant fragrance, both can be a small fresh, can also be a small sexy.




Zumalong Incense Bergamot


This is a very unique fragrance, which is called “the first of all fragrances”, which perfectly integrates the world’s most expensive orange citrus raw material, that is, bergamot. This fragrance is more suitable for more mature, introverted and low-key girls, its top note is mainly bergamot, as well as lemon and grapefruit and orange, the first spray out of the fragrance to give people the first feeling is a little sweet, followed by a slow bergamot sweet fade, the fragrance of incense slowly floating, followed by a calm and warm and give people a special reassuring woody fragrance.


Diptyque Do Son Toussaint (tuberose)


Diptyque Do Son is a very feminine perfume, the main fragrance for the evening tuberose, also known as night incense, this perfume, in the beginning of the story is a bit rich, with the hot and humid imagery of summer nights in Southeast Asia, it followed by a particularly familiar taste, the fragrance has a gentle feeling, unique oriental aroma rhyme, the first feeling is particularly high, although the fragrance is not particularly strong, but enough stunning The fragrance is not particularly strong, but stunning enough. Azalea mainly presents the warm creamy taste of tuberose flowers, along with the sandalwood and sweet coconut sugar aroma, from tuberose to sandalwood, until the final coconut flavor is a relatively warm tonality. It is a more suitable for light mature girls temperament incense, neither noble and gentle, but also hidden warm and passionate, just from the fragrance is full of rhyme.


Mara Jacobs’ Daisy dream (dreamy daisy)


The little daisy in the sun, is a young girl on the body of the flower and fruit fragrance, as the name suggests, this Mojer perfume is of the kind of sweet but not greasy little daisy girl heart, proper floral and fruit fragrance perfume, it is suitable for the occasion is very much, but also a blind selection is not wrong series. The most popular is its blue bottle, mainly pear, jasmine and lychee as the leading, fresh and sweet fragrance, it is a light type of fragrance, the taste is very good very suitable for the summer, giving a very refreshing feeling is a very refreshing type of floral fragrance.


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