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Shiseido actually comes from Chinese. In ancient China, it means to praise the virtues of the earth, which breeds new life and creates new values. The name reflects shiseido’s corporate image as a pioneer in combining eastern aesthetic ideas with Western technology and business practices.


Shiseido started out as a pharmacy, not a cosmetics company. In 1872, Fukuhara Nobu, who had studied pharmacy abroad and was the director of pharmacy department of the Japanese Navy, opened his own pharmacy in Ginza, Tokyo, called Shiseido, which was also the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan. In addition to selling drugs, Fukuhara also made his own. In 1888, he successfully developed Japan’s first bottle of toothpaste, which immediately replaced the popular tooth powder, and made Shiseido a well-known name in Japan. The concept of toothpaste is from the West, and the toothpaste bottle is printed with Chinese and English characters, heralds a story that combines eastern and Western cultures.




In 1897, Shiseido created Eudermine (Greek for “good” and “skin”). This is a breakthrough beauty and skin care toner & MDash, which is now the famous Shiseido wine red toner. Since then, Shiseido has opened the first page of the development of the cosmetics industry.


To the original letter to the son of fukuhara letter three play, Shiseido business situation began to change. He has traveled to many countries in Europe and The United States, and has great experience in local aesthetics and culture. In 1916, he established the Design Department of Shiseido, specializing in product packaging and publicity. They use unique art deco style letters to set up shiseido’s logo, and use camellia as the company logo, and then use Arabic color Mosaic leaves to decorate the bottles. Shiseido’s brand image is taking shape. Although the camellia and Arabic pattern no longer exist today, and the font of Shiseido has been modified twice, the present Shiseido is very similar to that of the old days.


In 1923, Shiseido launched a chain operation mode, strengthened national publicity, and its image became clearer. In 1948, shinzo died, by his nephew Fukuhara Yoshiharu took over, the third generation of the family heir, and opened up a new career. In 1957, Shiseido began developing foreign markets, starting with Zen perfume, which was introduced in 1965. In addition to the Moisture Mist cosmetics series launched in 1978, the packaging concept was based on Japanese red lacquer ware. Meanwhile, shiseido also launched various cosmetics, fragrance and skin care series, which are completely international, and most of them choose the packaging full of western taste.


Sorge Lutens have had the most profound influence on shiseido’s image in recent years. The French-born graphic designer has been a graphic designer for Shiseido since 1980. He created the image of women, both true and false, nothingness and reality, combined with the beauty of east and west, that is, shiseido has been shaping the image of women, also on behalf of their corporate culture connotation, western high-tech packaging implicit culture of the east, match well of Chinese and western, with high quality and pleasing products use to enjoy.

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