SK-II Mask divine ingredients ultra-lasting moisturizing that night to the next day to wear translucent

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In addition to the fairy water, SK-II has the Mask skin care mask, is also a lot of girls mouth to mouth counter mask recommended goodies. The magic of this Mask is the instant effect is super obvious, in addition to instant moisturization for the skin, but also to make dull skin tone bright, translucent effect is very good, crystal clear to have a luminous feeling, face with pores also improved, the skin after using the obvious skin care effect is the main reason for it to become the first mask recommendation, attracting many The girl silently infinite repurchase. Do not think that often stay at home without seeing people, you can ignore the daily skin care and moisturizing steps, in fact, the skin for a long time indoors by the cold wind, easy to become dry, more efficient and lasting moisturizing mask to strengthen care. Want to make the mask power up skin care effect, each editor in the mask before, will first use SK-II fairy water “primer”, so that the mask effect to play better, so that the skin glowing crystal clear bright light!


Even mask are excited to see it after use! SK-II Mask 3 major uses


The biggest selling point of SK-II skin care masks, known as mask, is of course their highly effective and long-lasting moisturizing power, while achieving a comprehensive skin repair effect! The cotton mask is designed to fit snugly all over and enhance the skin’s ability to absorb the essence and “force” it into the skin. In addition, the mask is full of the patented Pitera™ ingredient (Note: it contains one of the most Pitera™ ingredients in the same series, very precious), only 15 minutes to instantly moisturize and nourish the skin, for the skin first aid more obvious effect, so that the skin remains hydrated and radiant, skin texture emits as if a new glow. No wonder SK-II Mask has always been the counter mask recommended for the constant winner, moreover, it is said to meet the ex-boyfriend must be applied before, is definitely the most worthwhile investment counter mask.


SK-II Mask usage 1. before applying the mask first with the fairy water “priming”


I believe that you love beauty SK-II fairy water is no stranger to it as an all-round serum, in addition to the daily maintenance can be used alone, so that the skin is always crystal clear, the original fairy water is the secret weapon to double up the effectiveness of the mask! As long as the SK-II Mask before putting on the face, first pat on the fairy water “primer”, so that the skin has enough moisture, while strengthening the import and penetration effect, so that the mask nutrients easier to reach the bottom of the muscle! After applying the mask, don’t forget to use both hands to apply the remaining mask essence on the face and neck skin massage until fully absorbed, and finally apply the night cream to lock in moisture, so that the moisturizing effect is more lasting and significant, while improving the overall skin quality.


SK-II Mask usage 2. time to apply the mask: 15-20 minutes is just right


The time to put on the mask should not be too long or too short, should be grasped within 15-20 minutes to complete, do not put on until the mask paper becomes dry to take down! The dry mask paper will instead pump the skin’s moisture, so that the skin “more dry”, but the loss is not worth it! Frugal women are afraid of wasting the rest of the essence of the mask package? Apply it on the neck and body on it!


skin care mask


SK-II Mask usage 3. two to three times a week will be enough


Each SK-II Mask is rich in the brand’s classic formula Pitera™, a concentrated serum that quickly hydrates the skin and provides deep nourishment, leaving the skin brighter and more radiant. Use it two to three times a week to keep your skin crystal clear!


Combine with SK-II Skin Care Duo 1+1 for a more radiant complexion


In addition to regular use of SK-II’s Mask, if you use SK-II’s Fairy Water in the morning and at night, you can make your skin look more radiant at all times! In addition to the fact that it contains 90% of the classic formula Pitera™, as the brand’s royal all-in-one serum, how comprehensive can it be? Let me answer the mystery for you!


SK-II All-in-One Serum Effect 1. Powerful Moisturizer


SK-II Wonder Water is rich in Pitera™, which is very similar to the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and is mild in nature, so it is easily absorbed by the skin. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing the skin, SK-II Skin Serum can be added to the morning and evening skincare routine to double up the effectiveness of subsequent skincare products and to maintain the skin’s hydration at all times, helping to solve problems such as dryness and dehydration.


SK-II All-in-One Serum Essence 2. Focused repair for different skin types


SK-II Skin Essence is formulated to suit all skin types: dry skin suffers from dehydration all year round, and SK-II Skin Essence will focus on moisturizing dry skin, especially for dry and oily skin; while combination and oily skin need to adjust the balance of oil and water, SK-II Skin Essence can accelerate the skin’s metabolism from the bottom and regulate the skin’s condition to improve oil secretion, which is most effective for stabilizing skin conditions in the new season!


SK-II Total Essential Serum 3. Overall Skin Conditioning


SK-II Skin Essence can improve the skin’s repair function, balance the skin’s pH level, and keep the skin in a weak acidic state, while conditioning the skin, helping to fight against daily exposure to pollutants, while improving the skin’s texture and keeping it smooth and healthy.


This summer, let SK-II’s Mask and Total Essential Serum restore your skin to its best condition!

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