Terraké officially launches its first spokesperson TVC film, a precise interpretation of the new brand attitude

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“Women are not easy to cheat, ineffective and incompetent, never compromise”. This line from Terraké’s first spokesperson TVC video for the brand‘s spokesperson, Yin Tao, speaks to the hearts of the people and evokes the emotional resonance of different groups of people.


Women are not fooled, the choice is effective or not, the state of the skin is visible! Not compromised by ineffectiveness and incompetence, maintain a confident posture, always adhere to beauty, believe in beauty, the pursuit of beauty; effective choice, fearless of age, skin rejuvenation, blooming.


The right choice, stand the test of time


In this TVC, Terraké emphasizes the attitude of “youthfulness and beauty”, and believes that self-confidence is crucial in the process of women’s beauty. Just like Yin Tao, time has made her more calm and confident, and with the right choice, everything is possible.


Through the content of this TVC, Terraké hopes to pass on the attitude of “youthfulness and beauty” to every woman, so that thousands of women can embrace self-confidence without fear of time. In addition, Terraké is confident that through its unique French skincare, it will rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin, allowing life to flourish.




The brand’s attitude is a strong one


It is worth mentioning that Terraké’s online TVC campaign is visually striking. The color palette is elegant white with noble purple to create a full light and shadow fusion effect, which complements the sensual and generous Yin Tao; the details of the product are shown in the form of molecular structure, with lines, light and shadow elements to show the essence of the product’s ingredients.


The phrase “women are not cheated, ineffective and incompetent, never compromise” is full of power to awaken the soul, and also sets the tone for the subsequent theme. “Who, who can still see your age? With Yin Tao’s confident question, the confident attitude of “youthfulness and beauty” was precisely conveyed, and also showed Terraké’s commitment to help thousands of women build up their self-confidence.


Enjoy the French skincare experience, deeply revitalizing skin power


In this spokesperson TVC film, Terraké’s star product, Terraké Cannes Star Cream, is featured. As the star of the show, Terraké Cannes Star Cream combines Terraké’s core skincare technology with a variety of natural ingredients, including marine microalgae, raspberry leaf extract and grape fruit extract, and contains multiple anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients that reach the bottom of the skin to deeply rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin.


Through Terraké’s Cannes Star Cream, Terraké is committed to giving women the confidence of “who can still see your age, different skin age with the same age” from the skin level, thus helping women consumers to look good from the inside out.




This time, together with the brand spokesperson Yin Tao, the TVC film was shot under the theme of “Youthful and Blossoming”, signifying the upgrade of Terraké’s skincare concept to a new height. The perfect fusion of French vintage and modern skincare fashion upgrades the skincare experience and continues to launch quality products to help consumers blossom to their fullest potential.

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