The difference between Estee Lauder day and night creams, the correct way to use the serum

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The difference between Estee Lauder Day Cream and Night Cream is the difference in the time of use, function and effect, and oil content. Estee Lauder Day Cream is suitable for daytime use and has a certain sunscreen effect in addition to moisturizing, and has a lower oil content compared to the Night Cream. The Estee Lauder night cream is suitable for nighttime use, helping the skin to repair and moisturize at night, and contains a higher oil content.


1,The time of use is different. Estee Lauder Day Cream is designed for daytime skin and should be used during the day. Estee Lauder Night Cream is designed for nighttime skin, which can effectively repair the skin barrier, and should be used before bedtime.


2,Different functions and effects. Estee Lauder day creams generally have a light sun protection effect and can form a protective film on the surface of the skin, and can also play a role in isolating the effect of makeup. The night time does not need sun protection, so Estee Lauder night cream does not have sun protection, but its nutrient content is higher, can repair the damage to the skin during the day, and prevent skin aging, dullness.


3,the oil content is different. The Estee Lauder Day Cream is relatively refreshing compared to the Estee Lauder Night Cream and is suitable for daytime use, while the Estee Lauder Night Cream is more nourishing and can be used at night for deeper skin care, so the oil content will be higher.


Estee Lauder


How to use day cream


1,Day creams are designed for daytime use and are not recommended for nighttime use as some of them may contain sunscreen ingredients.


2,Cream and milk are products with different textures but the same efficacy, so the day cream should be used in the last step of the basic skin care, first for hydration, and then use the day cream to lock in the skin moisture.


3,Apply an appropriate amount of day cream to the skin of the face, then use your fingertips to spread evenly over the entire face and massage to promote absorption, which helps to firm the skin, reduce fine lines and prevent skin sagging.


The correct way to use Estee Lauder serum


1,Take 5 drops of ANR and put them on each of your 5 fingers


2,massage gently with all fingers facing each other


3,Gently apply to the face and neck from the inside out, from the bottom up, and massage


4,Use morning and evening to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin moist and soft. Use after cleansing and before moisturizing cream.


Estee Lauder Serum Effect


It penetrates into the basal layer of the skin and hydrates the cells of the basal layer of the skin. Serum is the highest nutrient content, smallest molecular particle size and most penetrating treatment among skin care products, and is able to hydrate the basal layer of the skin.

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