The festival is coming again! I really want these Christmas Limited gift boxes with my face against the sky

nikisho Date:2021-10-08 17:43:58 From:nikisho
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Let’s pick up the Christmas limited edition launched by various brands!! Also make a list of my Christmas gifts~


Chanel Christmas Limited gift box


Chanel Christmas Limited gift box this year really exists as a textbook! Gift box design for the opening ceremony of the theater. Inside the box is a mini gorgeous dream Chanel world.


Christmas gifts


The background is a crystal ball composed of a large Chanel logo and a circle, as well as snowflakes flying all over the sky. There are many small gifts and shopping bags piled around. Her appearance is against the sky and the festival atmosphere is full! Packaging control how to bear it!


The most popular should be this Rouge spectaculaire Christmas black gold series lipstick set box, with a lipstick number of 837, which is necessary for the new year. Now it is completely out of stock. Beg for replenishment!!


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